Support Patrick and his family on their medical journey

This is painful to share, but my boyfriend Patrick suffered acute liver failure on January 24th. He was transported to the Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee to be treated. He has had ups and downs with other internal organs because of the liver failing, and his other organs need to be stable before he can receive a liver transplant.

To support Patrick and his family, we launched a GoFundMe campaign. I wanted to share the link here. If you are unable or do not wish to donate, please share the link.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has donated and shared the link to the GoFundMe so far. As of right now, we have raised over $900 in the first day since launching this campaign. I’m just so blown away.

It’s amazing how even in the most difficult times, the good in people means so much. Thank you to everyone who has shown your support, included Patrick and his family in prayer chains, and thank you to the TICU medical team at Froedtert. You have been helpful and kind and supportive and caring beyond explanation, and we’re so grateful.

Please keep Patrick in your thoughts. He is so strong, and throughout everything, his compassion for others and his sense of humor have never waivered. I believe that humans coming together for good and spreading positive thoughts can make a huge impact.

Below is Patrick’s GoFundMe link:

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