The Life of a Blogger

The summer is drifting past me, and I have been neglectful. This poor blog of mine has been quiet, begging to be nurtured. Here I am, finally offering some words to assist in its growth.

Tis the art of blogging. Our followers want to read our words, our daily thoughts, funny stories, hear of our adventures. For me, I find consistency the most difficult part. I go through phases in which I could post every day. Once I slip into laziness, it becomes my new habit. I think to myself, “I’ll post when I have something interesting to say.” Throughout any given day, crazy, “interesting” thoughts run through my head, thoughts that would, most likely, translate into a blog post. Yet the thoughts evaporate into the air, to be rediscovered at a later date.

My blog has given me interesting followers and other blogs to look to for wisdom, inspiration, and humor. I create new goals for myself, promising to post more, read more, pay attention, give life to my blog. But those goals are more difficult to achieve than I at first assumed they would be. I move my thoughts to other daily tasks. My brain pushes the blog to the back burner.

It’s a cycle. I neglect my blog, come back, and it welcomes me with open arms. I feel as if I never left. Though one of my faults as a blogger is my inconsistency, I pick things up right where I left off. I have new ideas, inspirations, and my blog is always here waiting. No matter how long I’ve been away, I can always count on my blog to be here when I am ready to share my words once more.

I will never be the perfect writer (or blogger), but I have always embraced the fact that to continue writing it to move forward. Every post I publish, new blog I discover, and follower I gain is a learning experience, bringing me more understanding of the art of blogging. While I have a long way to go, I know that I have others who are on the same journey.