How to get more page views for your blog

How to get more page views for your blog.


Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

As someone who frequents social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, I have noticed that over time it has become the norm for teens to harass others behind the computer screen. Bullying has taken on a new trend: anyone can post anything they want, about anyone they want, with almost no consequences (where I live, there are no laws preventing online bullying). All I want to know is…why is everyone online so mean?

While many people are careful about what they post, I know of many others who write things I’m sure they’d be too afraid to say out loud. People post racist, homophobic, and sexist statements on Facebook without a second thought. I, along with friends and family, have been the victims of this online harassment.

After much thought, I feel that there are three main reasons as to why people are mean online:

1. Attention

Many people feel ignored in their offline lives, and they crave any kind of attention. In order to achieve this, they do what they know will give them attention: post controversial/mean things online.

2. Insecurity

People who crave attention also have insecurity issues and feel jealous of those who (online, at least) appear to be happy/successful/popular. In order to build up their egos, these people attack others in hopes of making themselves feel better.

3. It’s easy

Anyone in the world can sit in front of a screen, type a thought, and click “Post.” Anyone can be an online bully, whether you’re 12, 92, male, female, gay, straight, black, white. There is no “Internet Police” to even give you a slap on the wrist. You are free to write whatever you think, no matter how hurtful that may be to someone else.

I myself have taken a firm stand against any type of bullying, online bullying especially, since it’s the most popular method these days. I hope others feel the same way and want to fight against bullies.

To any readers: Have you ever been bullied, online or otherwise? How did it make you feel? Have you ever been the bully? How has bullying others affected your life?

Something Old, Something New

Poetry is my therapy. I write when I am happy, angry, sad, and any mood in between. I may choose to write about individuals in my life, whether they have a negative or positive impact on me. For this post, I will include a poem I wrote three years ago and a more recent poem.

Outer Space


This jealousy goes back and forth

It’s passed from me to you

A sick, twisted thought

He has so many options

He’s had both you and me

But we both fucked it up it seems

Night, sun

Moon, day

You were a comet,

Hoping your turn came around again

He’s brushed me off

Yet he seems to cling to you,

You lucky star

The glowing descends from the never-ending abyss

And falls straight into your eyes, and his


Of opposite poles

You look at him and the magnets connect

Locked forevermore

And I am your shadow

I’ll let you two alone,

Shut the door behind me,

And return to my black hole.
















my name.


In my blog I will probably go back and forth between posting my poetry and other things. If there are any suggestions of topics followers would enjoy reading about, I am open to it!

My First Blog Post…Ever!

Hello, fellow bloggers!

After much thought, I have decided to finally join the blogging world. This is the perfect place for my poetry and random thoughts that I would like to share with the world. In this first post, I would like to simply start off with some general information about who I am and what my blog will (hopefully) be.

I am a young writer. Poetry is my focus, but I try my hand in other genres, also. My blog posts will mainly be poems that I have written or am currently working on. I may also post poems I find inspiring or thought-provoking.

I have an interest in music. As a writer, I love analyzing song lyrics of my favorite bands (which include anything from Led Zeppelin to Florence and the Machine). Some of my posts may deal with music I am currently listening to that inspires me.

I love journaling. It relieves stress and also provides inspiration for future poems. My posts may include everyday thoughts I have so that I can relate to readers and gain insight from those who follow me.

I am a vegetarian. I have an interest in current events, and I hope to make a positive impact on the world, in any way that I can.

I hope that those who read my posts will give feedback/thoughts on my poetry, provide inspiration, and relate to what I have to say.

Thanks in advance to those who read my blog!