Distance Speaks Louder Than Words

Source: thecollegecrush.com

Source: thecollegecrush.com

Who coined the phrase, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Because I want to find him or her and ask, “Have YOU ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you even KNOW what it’s like?”


Being away from someone for months at a time is stressful, uncomfortable, and depressing. It can break your heart, but I don’t know about this “growing fonder” shit.


Distance causes frustration, sure. The texting, Skyping, and phone calls don’t necessarily make our hearts grow fonder. They make our hearts weaker. Distance makes our hearts crumble.


Distance makes us want to erase the miles and just be with the people we love. No fighting, no talking. All we want is to be in the same place at the same time.


Distance makes our heart grow…distant.


How To Stop Hating Yourself In The Morning

This is one of my new favorite bloggers! She’s hilarious, clever, and her advice is perfect. Check out Wander Onwards and her advice about how to have more self confidence.

Wander Onwards

“God, I look like shit.”

This is what I use to wake up thinking-every day-before I begin to poke and prod myself in the mirror. This is too fat. This is too skinny. My face is too blotchy. My hair is too boring.  My eyes aren’t white enough. My skin isn’t tan enough.

“You look like a recovering meth addict.”

Then I’d start my day, loathing every part of my body, and head out into a world that continues to reinforce the idea that my happiness should be dependent on my appearance.

But now, it’s different. I am constantly so terrified of being deported or hit by a  moving vehicle, that anything other than the last two items listed, seems simply serene.  If it’s not endangering my Visa, I literally could not give less of a fuck.

Despite my awakening, most people continue to assail themselves with nasty comments before…

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Winter Blues…and How to Deal

Source: pivotcon.com

Source: pivotcon.com

With temperatures still below zero where I live, fighting those winter blues can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Writing is my therapy, hot tea is my medicine, and sleep can be an escape. But this year, since one of my resolutions is to work out more, I have decided to use yoga as not only a way to stay fit, but also an activity to fight my winter blues.

The workout helps me physically, but the meditation helps my mentality. During the winter, with the lack of sunlight, it can be difficult for me to have a positive outlook. But doing yoga almost every day has helped me learn how to think positively. Throughout my day, I have realized that if I go with the flow and just forget the negativity, life becomes so much easier.

If you live somewhere with harsh, cold winters, how do you cope with the winter blues?

Sick and Cold…

Source: bosguy.com

Source: bosguy.com

By January I’m usually ready for spring (I know, I’m getting ahead of myself by a few months). The holidays have passed, and for me, the snow has overstayed its welcome. I can only deal with the cold temperatures for so long. But where I live, about half the year is winter.

Right now, a lot of the country is experiencing some of the coldest winter weather in years. That includes the state I live in (unfortunately). While it’s nice to stay inside and avoid the cold, I have a cold. The sneezing, aches, pains, and overall haziness. As a writer, feeling hazy doesn’t help me. I’m in a fog all day long, trying to feel better before the weather improves.

Wish me luck while I fight this cold and survive the below zero temperatures! 🙂



Guess Who’s Back!

Hello fellow bloggers and followers! It’s 2014 and here I am, writing my first post in what feels like ages. I’ve been absent from the blogging world for far too long, but I knew I’d be back someday. I think everyone goes through times in their lives where they become distracted from what they normally enjoy doing because of many daily tasks. But in light of the new year, I am back to write about what I want to improve for myself this year.

1. In 2014 I need to blog more. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for my passion for writing. I have been able to connect with other writers and bloggers, and through blogging I have been able to discover many cool blogs from people all over the world. I hope to continue to blog and refine what I blog about.

2. I need to workout more. So far I’ve been working out every day. Yoga has become therapeutic for me. After a stressful day, yoga is not only a great workout, but it clears my mind. I also find that Zumba and other dance workouts work for me. They’re fun, and they work your body out!

3. I need to develop a more positive outlook. When things are going great in my life, of course it’s easy to feel happy and positive. But during those times when stress wears me down, it can be difficult not to complain and let the stress overcome my brain. Working out has been a great way to concentrate my thoughts elsewhere, and it has so far improved my stress levels and made me feel more positive. Also, surrounding myself with positive people will improve my mentality.

I’m not normally the Ms. Resolution Girl, but this year I have seen there are a few things I want to improve in my life. While I believe fate can play a role in life, a lot of circumstances in life are within my control. If I want to change things, I can make that change happen.

Fellow bloggers and followers (or newcomers to my blog!): Do you have any resolutions? What do you hope to do in 2014?