Donald Trump: Embarrassing Republicans Everywhere

Source: The Donald on a good-hair day.
The Donald on a good-hair day.

Donald Trump is basically like that embarrassing grandparent, uncle, or neighbor who just doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut.

He has no filter, says whatever thought that comes to his head (no matter how ridiculous it may be), and he’s so cray cray, he’s even embarrassing the Republicans.

Now that’s talent.

I’ve written about my, um, disdain (putting it mildly) for The Donald on this blog before when I reviewed the documentary called “You’ve Been Trumped.”Β  If you haven’t seen this documentary that displays The Trumpster’s dumbassery, please give it a watch and report back. His arrogance and ignorance is so in-your-face it’s almost shocking. But since it’s The Donald, I suppose it’s not really too shocking.

Some critics (which would include the majority of the world’s population) have called Trump “the Republican Id.” I couldn’t agree more with this theory, and here’s why:

1. The Donald says exactly what the stereotypical Republican feels about immigration, but doesn’t usually say out loud. Republicans such as Ted Cruz have been quoted as saying that while they don’t agree with the WAY Trump has said he doesn’t approve of immigration, they agree with his views on immigration. Basically, they’re saying they agree with Trump that Mexicans are rapists…well, wait, what? I mean, they just think that all Mexicans should be deported immediately. Wait, no. They actually mean Mexicans are ruining this country. No, actually, Republicans think the ones here can stay, but we need a wall to keep everyone else from Mexico out. Yeah, that’s it. How will Republicans solve immigration? Uhhh, next question, please. That will get the Latino vote. Let’s stick with that.

2. While most Republican politicians love being rich and helping out their fellow rich friends, many of them try to keep it on the down low (even though reporters are onto their sneaky ways). Trump, however, doesn’t keep quiet about how rich he is. Heck, what’s wrong with flaunting bank statements during his presidential campaign announcement speech? Absolutely nothing.

3. The Donald loves war, and wants to fight everyone, all day, every day. Did you know he has top-secret plans to defeat ISIS? Okay, maybe his plans aren’t so top-secret. But for those who don’t own televisions or phones, his plans of attack on basically every other country on Earth will be a complete surprise!

4. Since Trump is a businessman and a billionaire, he worships huge corporations. They keep him going, they give him money, and they are his life support. What would The Trumpster do without corporations? Probably live a life of darkness. Therefore, he is with the Republicans on their love of big corporations (and belief that corporations are humans). However, through the insight from the documentary, it’s clear that Donald is a bit more proactive about his corporation worship than other Republicans.

5. The Donald has been vocal, like many Republicans who probably haven’t brushed up on basic science, in his beliefs that climate change is a hoax. You know, like aliens. It just hasn’t been proven. About 97 percent of scientists would disagree, but hey, what do they know?

Donald Trump has said too many offensive things that he should have kept to himself, and it’s caused him some trouble. Television channel Univision cut ties with Trump and changed its mind about airing Miss Universe. The channel was not pleased that Trump called Mexicans rapists. The Trumpster was of course, not having any of that. As he always says, he’s planning to sue them for a lot of money.

NBC has also decided to fire The Donald from their network after his racist comments about Mexicans. He’s being dropped like a flaming hot potato. Even though he does have politicians coming to defend him, there are still other fellow Republicans who tell him to calm it down.

You would think all of Trump’s antics would have solidified his epic failure in his hopes for a presidential run. Right?

Wrong. The Donald is LEADING the GOP as of the most recent polls. AKA, Donald “Mexicans are rapists” Trump is number one in the Republican presidential field right now.


Mind blown. I just can’t. All I can say is, “Thank God I’m not a Republican.” Also, I am a bit terrified for the future of this country. In conclusion, I just ask that fellow Democrats please vote this election. You all know you don’t want this fruit loop in office.


  1. And which Democrats are poor and aren’t neck deep in money from Big Corporations? I’m not defending Trump, but let’s not pretend Professional Politicians – Democrats or Republicans – are any different. More and more people are looking to people outside of Washington – and for good reason. Hopefully, some others will come forward.

    1. I know what you mean in the sense that there is corruption in both parties and there are tons of Democrats who support those on Wall Street. However, I support the Democratic Party way more than the Republicans. Bernie Sanders would be awesome as President since he’s an Independent.

      1. Independents have a tough time gaining traction. I’m convinced both parties work the system to nominate who they want, not who the people want. A couple outsiders like Sanders and Ben Carson have surprised the political machines in the attention they are getting this time around. Is it enough? We’ll see.

      2. That’s true, probably because they’re different than the historically two-party system. Bernie Sanders is gaining lots of popularity, which seems to be scaring Republicans.

      3. Sanders and Trump. The only reason Trump getting so much attention is the electorate is so hungry for someone who isnt in the pocket of the corporations, they’ll follow any one who might give this desire a chance to be realized. Sanders is obvious but Trump says he already got money thus can’t be bought. At least that what my relatives who are enthralled by him constantly harp on about and say.

  2. Had Omar Khayyam been speaking of our political parties rather than the existential he would have nailed it: “Alike for those who for today prepare, and those who after some tomorrow stare, the muezzin from the tower of darkness cries, ‘Fools, your reward is neither here nor there’.”

  3. I agree with you 100%. By the way, Bernie Sanders is not an Independent anymore. He had to register as a Democrat to gain access to Democrat’s coffers. There’s no way the Democratic Party can support an Independent. If he’s running as an Independent, he doesn’t need to seek the Democratic Party’s nomination. He can run as he wishes. He doesn’t need to run for the Democratic Primary .

    1. Thank you! That’s true. It’s said that in order to get votes he has to stick with one of the two parties. But either way, I’m glad he’s gaining popularity.

  4. Since you are a 20 something I will try and explain to you that Trump is talking like we used to…”Freedom of speech”. Your generation has been so indoctrinated in what to say and how to say things you have lost the choice to see truth. Sorry if you feel slighted but it is the truth and as soon as you see this the freer you will feel. I know you will hate what I say but it must be said.?!!

    1. Interesting. I am also using my “freedom of speech” to discuss Trump’s ignorance. I’m not the one running for President. He is. I’m not the one hoping to gain the Latino vote in the future. He is. So I am not the one who should be worried about my “freedom of speech” being scrutinized by the media. He is.

      What truth do you speak of? It is a fact that Trump called Mexicans “rapists,” for example. His entire speech was videotaped.

      I have a feeling that you either didn’t read my post, or just don’t understand it. I have “freedom of speech” to write what I write. Sure, Donald Trump has the right to say what he wants, but he knows that his words are heard by millions of people. That means that if he says something offensive, everyone hears it, and can discuss their opinions on his words, like I am doing so right now.

      1. And did you really listen to the whole speech or just pick out what you decided was politically incorrect to say? Have you listened to anymore to see what he says or have you just written him off as a buffoon like others have. Hopefully you are looking and listening to the whole not just picking.
        Yes we have the freedom to disagree but not the freedom to shut out the people that do not think the politically correct way.

      2. Have you heard his whole speech? The entire thing was a joke! When I say that he called Mexicans rapists, I’m not misquoting him or taking it out of context. He said that verbatim. He is absolute nut, and he has no truly good ideas, or anything intelligent to say at all. It’s honestly amazing that I’m even having to explain to someone that no, Donald Trump is not intelligent.

      3. Are you trying to say that he’s intelligent? If it’s Donald Trump against everyone else, trust me, anyone is more intelligent than he is. He has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s quite frightening that people blindly believe the silly things he says though.

      4. Politically correct as in not a racist?!? Haha, I don’t know why you’re obsessed with saying he’s not “politically correct.” It has nothing to be with political correctness. It has to do with intelligence versus stupidity. Donald Trump is lacking in the intelligence department.

      5. If something is not spoken in exact political correctness people will crucify a person for not speaking the right way. If a person doesn’t speak the way they should then they are called a racist, stupid, unintelligent and the like…

      6. Dude, he called Mexicans rapists. That isn’t political incorrectness, it’s being a racist. Plain and simple. Game, set, match. That’s it. No one who’s not a racist would say something that outrageous. And it wasn’t like he was out with friends in a private conversation. He said this during a speech. A presidential announcement speech. He knew he would be heard by millions. He could have kept his mouth shut, or worded it differently. But he chose not to. That’s his fault he’s in deep water about this, and it’s his own fault he was dropped from television channels for his derogatory statements.

      7. You must be sexist. The only thing worse then racism is sexism and you must be sexist. Calling me dude. And further more who in the hell is he in deep water with his mommy. Yep and being dropped by Univision is not going to cost him a thing because Univision in in BREACH of contract with him. They are the ones, in what you call deep water. I guess it’s not very intelligent of him to make millions on a contract that Univision breached.

      8. Hahaha, wait, are you serious?!? This is funny. Good one.

        Okay, calling you “dude” is not sexist because the word “dude” does not have any derogatory connotations. That is laughable.

        Trump being dropped not only by Univision but also by NBC will lose him money, and it’s proving that he is a risky person to be doing business with. Univision will be just fine, and they didn’t do anything wrong.

        Donald Trump is in deep water with the people he would need to get votes from. He won’t get votes from Latinos, that’s for sure. It’s so early in the presidential campaign, and he’s already offending entire groups of people and losing many supporters. Not a smart move on his part if he is serious about running.

      9. More people in this country do not like the dumbing down of America due to what political correctness causes. And once again you have made my point about politically correct people in America. Who should care YOU should care Dude.

      10. The dumbing down of America has nothing to do with political correctness. That’s honestly a joke. Right? …Right? Oh, come on. Good joke, though.

        It’s debatable about if America is getting “dumber.” However, it’s obvious that our educational system is a mess, and other countries are way ahead of us in that regard. People in poverty don’t have access to better schools, and so that’s a huge issue. But if you want to talk about America “dumbing down,” that’s quite a subjective concept. Why would anyone be dumb because of political correctness? People are “dumb” because of lack of education or ignorance, as in a refusal to accept factual information.

      11. Do you remember where we started this debate? Donald Trump had no intelligence according to you. And it still stands that if a person does not speak politically correct then they are attacked from all angles. People will call them dumb, stupid, retarded(oh I’m sorry challenged), and so on. Attacking a persons character. A person is supposed to think the way they think they should think. A person is supposed to speak the way they think they should speak, or els they are less than. That is also the definition of racism. (One who feels they are superior to another) The politically correct does not like the way Trump talks, they think he should have said what he said a different way, the way they think he should have said it. You are not politically correct and oudated if you do not follow them.

      12. I’m sorry, but you’re forgetting an incredibly significant detail in your little rant:

        Donald Trump is running for President. He is hoping to be the leader of the country. He can say what he wants to say because he lives in a country that allows him to do so, but he said, on camera, that Mexicans are rapists, and he expects to be taken seriously. Is he racist for saying that? Yes. Does he have a right to say it? Sure, as long as he’s not harming anyone. But will people ignore that he said it? Haha, in his dreams. People are rightfully disgusted with his remarks because they are ignorant and offensive to an entire race of people.

        Like I said, if it was some random person saying things like that around his friends, nothing would really happen to him. But when you’re running for President of the United States and you say this on camera, you bet your ass people will be vocal in their disgust.

      13. Bull Sh*t Then why draw large crowds. Because he is finally speaking out. And not worring about your feelings.

      14. Speaking out about his racist views? Honestly, he is going to get crushed as the campaign keeps going. He has no credentials whatsoever. He’s a businessman who has gone bankrupt several times and does this just to get his name out there.

      15. Are you projecting your hatred towards the older generation. Aren’t your mother and father older generation and your grandparents. They do have more experience living in this country than you do but I guess being a 21st century whatever woman makes you more qualified to call out an older generationas being outdated. Once again the political correctness has taken hold of you.

      16. Hatred of whom? Older generations had different ideologies, so therefore, statistically, people in their 60s and 70s are usually the ones more likely to vote Republican. Not all the time, but more often. And if we are talking about specifically people who support Trump, either they are blissfully unaware (somehow) of his racist comments, or they agree with what he said. In other words, they are racists as well.

        I don’t understand why you keep complaining about political correctness. Why are you so obsessed with someone being politically correct or not? I was making fun of Donald Trump (even though he’s a parody of himself), so it obviously has absolutely nothing to do with political correctness.

      17. Really you are the one calling him unintelligent. So of course because I don’t think like you think I should think I am out dated or a racist?

      18. Yes, I, like many others, am calling him unintelligent. Honestly, I think it’s far-fetched that I’m the only one who thinks he’s an idiot. Trust me, I’m putting it way more mildly than other people have.

        I don’t know if you’re a Trump supporter (wait, I didn’t know that he had any supporters!), but I’m saying you’re being rude by attacking me just because I said something that touched a nerve with you. You’re the one who started commenting and arguing with me on my own blog.

      19. Really then how come the venue in Arizona had to be changed becuse so many people attende is rally? And yes Univision BREACHED thier contract not Donald Trump.

      20. Arizona is known for an older generation of people, and also many racist individuals live there as well. So it was a sensible place to go for Trump. It was right in his environment. Univision didn’t breach anything, so they’re in the clear. Donald Trump just lost a business partner.

      21. You hang Donald Trump out to dry on being racist and then you put the older generation in the same pool of “racist” people. Did you hear that Donald Trump says he loves the Mexican people. He has many that work for him and they love him. Dude?

      22. Statistically, most people in the Republican Party are older. Not all older people are racist. But of the Republicans who support Trump, they would most likely be older, and they would most likely agree with his racist ideologies. Otherwise, why else would they be attending his rally?

        You believe him when he says that? Aw, that’s cute. Mexican people who work for him also said that they were horribly offended by what he said. So don’t worry, the people he insulted aren’t buying his BS. Clearly you are though. Sorry about that.

      23. Who says? YOU! I think you are being an impertinant child with all this hahaha stuff and attacking the older generation. I suppose you think your parents and grandparents are outdated and need a dose of your reality?

      24. I think you need a hobby. You came onto my blog and are attacking me, calling me a child, when I didn’t write this blog post for you. Why do you care that I made fun of Donald Trump? I am in the majority with millions of other people who think he’s off his rocker.

        I never asked for your comments, and you are being incredibly rude. You’re not even making any legitimate arguments. Basically you’re just complaining about people being politically correct over and over. It’d be awesome if you’d just chill out.

      25. Your statements have been rude from the beginning. You commented to start an argument and because you were obviously mad. That’s clear. The word “dude” can be used in slang for men or women, so I didn’t “assume” anything.

        It’s evident that you just comment to start fights. Having debates is one thing, but being rude and insulting is a different story. Thanks for the laughs with your comments, but consider yourself blocked. Bye bye. Thanks for giving me more views though. πŸ˜‰

      26. Actually, I believe that racism is kind of stupid, and if someone is running for PRESIDENT and shows his true colors, sure, I will think negatively of that individual. So you clearly seem to think that Donald Trump wasn’t dimwitted for saying Mexicans are rapists during a speech.

      27. So you think that if someone speaks freely without political correct statements and talking points then they are showing thier true colors. What colors are they?

      28. What is your obsession with political correctness? If he walks like a racist and talks like a racist, he might be a racist. πŸ˜‰

        I’m saying that he’s showing his racist colors. If he announces during a speech that he believes Mexicans are rapists, I have a hunch that he wasn’t cracking a joke and that he firmly believes that Mexicans are rapists. He’s a quack, offensive to anyone with a functioning brain, and the reason he is offensive is because he is running for President of the United States. If he was just some random dude of the street, it wouldn’t matter as Iong as he wasn’t hurting anyone. Donald Trump is running for office. Sooo obviously it’s offensive that he believes he could represent the American people.

      29. The KKK is racist. Hitler was racist. ISIS is racist. Has Donald Trump really made the statement that he is superior to another race?

      30. Yes, within his speech when he was talking about the Mexicans and immigration he said that Mexicans are criminals and rapists and he definitely insinuated that white people are “superior.”

        You have to understand that in 2015, racism isn’t always overt racism anymore. It can be discreet. It’s not always just the KKK or Hitler. It’s people who say things like, “Mexicans are rapists.” That is a racist statement because it is insulting an entire race of people and generalizing in a negative way. That is racism.

      31. You obviously do not have a good hold on english and definitions. The definition of racism did not change because political correct police changed the definition. You just made my point you are a PC Police advocate.

      32. Hahahahaha, you’re too funny. You asked what the definition of the word “dude” was, and I gave you the dictionary definition. I don’t know if you’re aware, but we use things called dictionaries to reference the words of a language.

        One of the multiple definitions of racism according to the dictionary is derogatory sentiments against an entire race of people (what Donald Trump displayed in his speech when he called Mexicans rapists). So according to the dictionary, Donald Trump displayed racism.

        Sorry, dude, but you can whine all you want about imaginary PC Police, but it’s just in your head. I am an advocate for equality, not racism. Obviously you are upset about that enough to start a debate on my blog post that I didn’t ask you to comment on. I must have done something right. πŸ˜‰

      33. I asked what your definition of Dude was not the dictionary I already know what the dictionary says and I do not fit in this category nor do I find it to be something that a 21st century Renaissance woman would use as a term of surprise.

      34. You asked according to who said that dude wasn’t derogatory. The dictionary definition gives every definition for the word. And what do you know, none of the definitions have derogatory connotations. Shocking. Good thing I looked it up.

        Because I feel like a Renaissance women, I’m not allowed to use more current slang in my vocabulary? That’s news to me. Thank you for informing me of this information though.

      35. Do you know if I am a man or woman. You sound like a political correct 21st century whatever who thinks thier education and blogging gives you worldly experience that comes from ups and downs in life not living a fantasy of being a Renaissance woman.

      36. I think I keep hearing you whine about political correctness for no reason. I get it, you are obsessed with the idea of political correctness. But you know what? I’m not. I write what I want, and I am allowed to do that.

        Dude, who even are you? You’re so offended that I made fun of Donald Trump that you have to get into an argument with me. Just chill. Your buddy is leading in the GOP right now. You’re golden.

    2. “Since you are a 20 something I will try and explain to you that Trump is talking like we used to…”Freedom of speech”. ”

      What is interesting is that you are getting on Rebecca about making assumptions about old people and yet you start out your rant here by making assumptions about her based on her age. Do you not see how you have used age to denigrate her arguments rather than addressing the arguments directly.

      Secondly for her to be against freedom of speech she would actually have to be for the censoring of Donald Trump. She has not once in her blog post asked that Donald Trump be not allowed to say the things he said, she has simply said the things he said are stupid and wrong. She is not saying people don’t have the right to say stupid and wrong shit. So at the very least it is unclear that you understand what freedom of speech is either. And I make no assumptions about your age. Rebecca has simply exercised her freedom of speech by being critical of Trump, just as Trump exercised freedom of speech to make his racist comments about Mexicans.

      Being against racist comments that are factually incorrect does also not mean someone is for political correctness. It means someone is for correctness. There is a big difference. We would like those who are running for the highest office in this country to actually understand how the world works. We want them to understand how science works. We want them to not make unfair generalizations about race. So if you think Trump is a straight shooter who is just saying what nobody has the guts to say and is factually correct then the burden of proof is on you and Trump and all those to support that statement to show that it is factually correct. Providing one can do that I would have no problem with what Trump said. Your spat here with Rebecca in defense of Trump has presented not one shred of evidence that Trump is correct. All you’ve done is troll someone’s blog, made ad hominen and straw man arguments to criticize her post and defend Trump.

      1. Thank you so much for your comment. You rock!

        I can’t agree more with this. The person commenting on my blog just to argue with me didn’t know what he or she was talking about.

        Also, the person called me a “twit” in a comment that I deleted. I deleted a comment in which the person also called me a child.

        I’m guessing the person was having a bad day. πŸ™‚

      2. No problem! πŸ™‚

        Using your bad day to try and ruin someone else’s day isn’t cool. I think it’s reasonable to only tolerate civil discourse on your own blog and so you were right to delete comments that just attack.

      3. I completely agree! Taking anger out on other people doesn’t help at all. Apparently that person has a lot of built-up anger that they couldn’t deal with in a healthy way.

        I’m glad you see my deleting of the rude comments from that person as reasonable. I’m the type of person who doesn’t tolerate negative comments like that, and especially insults, on my blog. Said individual is now blocked. πŸ™‚

  5. PS

    The Democratic Party will have a candidate of its own. If that’s Hillary, so be it. It doesn’t make sense that they will dump a Democrat and put up an Independent as its party’s standard bearer.
    Also, I don’t believe all corporations are evil. Only thoset hat exist for profit, and profit alone, and do not care a hoot about the well- being of the citizens and the country are the ones that are evil. I include corporations and companies who have shipped everything , lock , stock and barrel to other countries ,never mind if the US loses hundreds and thousands of jobs. There are still a lot of corporations who care enough for the well- being of the US And maybe these are the corporations that that donate to the Democratic Party. But we cannot always demonize corporations.

    And sometimes, some Republicans speak the truth. This is the truth that Democrats want to avoid for feari of losing voters. I’m talking about illegal immigration. No, I’m not saying Mexicans are rapists is true. That’s horrible. But democrats cannot always be a hostage to certain group of voters who expect Democrats to look the other way, or else. I’m an immigrant as well, but came here to the US legally after waiting 14 years for an approval of our immigrant visa. We got in line and waited for our turn. We followed the law.

    It’s not a good idea to belong to the two ends of the spectrum. Not all ideas of the extreme left are right. Of course, don’t get me started with the Rightwads. I’m pretty liberal myself, but I keep an open mind on some ideas that come from the other side of the spectrum….. and from there, compromise.

    I’m sorry for the long comment.

    1. I know what you mean. I think the problem with corporations is that they are corrupting the political system, in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Money involved in politics has definitely muddied the waters and allowed for way more corruption, unfortunately. I know what you mean about not demonized corporations, but we definitely have to be wary of them because they have so much power over the American people.

      I agree that it can be troublesome to have to choose one side or the other when it should be more of a spectrum rather than choosing one side to be on.

      Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the discussion. πŸ™‚

  6. Have no fear, Becky, there’s no way Trump survives the primary. That thing on his head isn’t an American citizen, so he’s going to be disqualified from running soon enough… πŸ™‚

      1. Exactly! You don’t even usually have to say anything or write anything. Just quote Donald Trump directly, or play a clip of him talking. The jokes write themselves!

      2. True. Ted Cruz is kind of funny though because he always looks like he just ate a lemon. Scott Walker is just terrifying because he knows how to come in, screw things up, and do so in sneaky ways.

      3. That’ll be cool. Hopefully Donald Trump does another speech so that you have more joke material! Just play a clip and you’ll get lots of laughs. πŸ™‚

      1. Another plus! I always love that. Bring on the haters! I’ll let them be my motivators. I didn’t write that phrase, but it comes in handy in times like these.

  7. If it makes you feel any better I vote Republican usually and think Trump is a buffoon as well. He’s no dummy though, he knows exactly what he is doing. Like always he will do and say what’s good for Trump in the end because that’s all that matters to him.

      1. Yes, this is definitely one topic where you and I agree! On our shared dislike of Trump only though, not your characterization of him being the Inner ID of Republicans. Not enough hours left in the day for that discussion….;)

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