Your parents lied to you; Looks really DO matter

Tune in at 6:00 central for the live show! We’ll be discussing if looks really matter.

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ How many of us had parents who taught us that our, “Looks don’t matter, all that matters is that you be yourself. All that matters in life is that you’re a good person”

Isn’t it about time we all admit that is a crock of B.S.? The Oscars were last night, an evening with a whole lot of pomp and ceremony (emphasis on the ‘pomp’), a long night of listening to Hollywood starlets tell the camera who they “are wearing”. Hollywood is all about looks. For every Kathy Bates, there are a thousand young beautiful Natalie Portman’s and Grace Kelleys.

God bless Julianne Moore, I really love her as an actress, and I’m happy she one the Oscar yesterday for Best Actress. But let’s not kid herself, she’s has earned a lot of roles in the past because she was willing to…

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  1. Evidence from data supports the fact that good looks make a difference in terms of earning power and the perception others have of you. Doesn’t make it a good thing though. Truth is, I’ve known magnetic people without classic looks who have great success.

    1. Yes, I’ve learned about those psychological studies. It’s true that looks have an impact on how people view us before they get to know us, but it’s sad it has to be that way.

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