Enemy number one

She sees you as flesh.

Only flesh.

Every scar, birth mark, and bruise is magnified under her microscope.

She analyzes and her hypothesis is that every observation is a defect.

What’s can she do when all the meat is defected?

She cuts you up, slicing precisely. Then she will mold you into a sculpture. Something appealing to the eye.

As she sculpts, she punches, punishes. Every piece of flesh must be exact.

She manipulates, manhandles. The artistic process never ends.

She is you.


  1. Flaws aren’t wrong.  They’re a part of character.
    “What’s can she do when all the meat is defected?”
    But it can certainly help to have good/better critics to point out the mistakes, instead of beating yourself up.

    1. They aren’t even flaws. They are simply features. To call a scar or crows feet or a certain kind of nose a “flaw” is to assume that an “attractive” person shouldn’t have those features. Using that term means accepting the judgments of those who profit by making people (especially women) feel perpetually inadequate. The problem isn’t having the features; the problem is listening to those who tell us only some features are acceptable. And isn’t that why the enemy does what she does? You make peace with an enemy by listening to her, understanding her fear, and reassuring her that she doesn’t need to destroy you (or herself) in order to be what she wants.

      1. That’s true. When advertisements are marketed to women with products used to erase scars and hide birth marks, we begin to believe that these are “flaws” instead of unique features. We have to find peace within ourselves and accept everything that makes us who we are.

      2. Well said.  You may attribute it to my flawed vocabulary, that I already hear “features” when I hear so-called “flaws,” —a matter of semantics in my view.

      3. Sometimes we have different thoughts come to mind when we think of different words. It makes sense that not every person has the same opinion on certain vocabulary. That’s why writing is so much fun. 🙂

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