Sunday Snark: Shaming Skinny Girls Gets Us Nowhere

This is okay. Source:

This is okay.


So is this. Sophia Bush boycotted Urban Outfitters for selling t-shirts that said "Eat Less."  Source:

So is this. Sophia Bush boycotted Urban Outfitters for selling t-shirts that said “Eat Less.”

Being a skinny girl in an obese country is not a cake walk. It’s just a walk, because skinny girls don’t eat cake. Or anything, according to the women who shame any skinny girl who exists.

It is my belief that women should be encouraging each other, and that includes EVERY woman. While our country is accepting that women don’t have to be stick skinny to be beautiful, this has started a war against ALL skinny women. This isn’t a step in the right direction. It’s just proving that women have to look a certain way.

I made this realization that women are attacked for being skinny in the mainstream media when I was 14 or 15. I read a repulsive article in Teen Vogue, and since then I refuse to read that publication. Maybe it was only the author of the article who felt that skinny women suck, but I was disgusted that Teen Vogue printed something so aggressive.

The article in question focused on how it’s cool for women to have curves and looking skinny is OUT. The author wrote that some stores had begun stocking size 00 for “extra twig like” women. Included was a picture of Alicia Keys, the example of what all women should look like, and a picture of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the example of “too skinny.”

When the article was published, it was only mere months after Mary Kate Olsen entered rehab for anorexia. The photo Teen Vogue included involved Ashley linking arms and assisting her sister in walking. It was clearly a low point in Mary Kate’s illness. She appeared weak and frail.

I was disgusted that Teen Vogue would attack a young woman who was battling anorexia at that moment, including a picture of her at her weakest. The magazine took it a step further, posting this photo next to a photo of Alicia Keys, who has never battled an eating disorder. To me, it was completely insensitive of the publication.

Our society is a swinging pendulum. First, skinny was what magazines and the media claimed to be “beautiful.” Marilyn Monroe was labeled “plus size,” for God’s sake. For decades, curvy women were called “fat.” Runway shows only featured stick skinny women, and many were dangerously thin.

Then, positive changes occurred in the modeling world. In 2006, we saw the first bans on too-thin models at Madrid’s fashion week. This is a change in which I’m obviously in favor. Of course it’s a beautiful thing when the modeling industry promotes healthier lifestyles.

What I’m not in favor of, however, is women who openly attack skinny girls. To their faces. If it’s rude to attack a fat girl, it’s also rude to attack a skinny girl. This SHOULD be the natural rule of thumb, but it’s not.

Skinny girls are guilty of being skinny in a fat country. Since the dawn of time, a woman’s value is based on her appearance, and sadly this hasn’t changed. But it has shifted. Women are supposed to look curvy now. And the skinny women are just shit out of luck.

I have been shamed for being skinny for most of my life. It’s honestly shocking how rude people are, and yet who is the guilty one? Me. Because I’m skinny, duh!

Women can attack me as much as they want, because I shouldn’t be skinny. I don’t look like Beyoncé or Rihanna, and so society tells me that I don’t have the right look.

Throughout the years, I hear the same lines over and over. They’re like pickup lines: overused, unwanted, and annoying. Yet what’s a skinny girl to do? Surely put them in their place?

No! How dare I call someone out for their rudeness? I’m supposed to feel guilty and apologize for being skinny, damnit!

The following is a list of The Classics. The One-Liners that I can only roll my eyes and nervously laugh at. But I’ll also list what’s going on my head and what I would LOVE to say out loud.

Classic #1: “How much do you weigh?!?”
*Gee, I wasn’t aware that it’s polite to ask a woman’s weight! How much do YOU weigh?!? Will you give me a donut if my guess is within 15 pounds?

Classic #2: “Do you even weigh 100 pounds?”
*Do you even have a brain?

Classic #3: “Are you anorexic?”
*No, but I am pissed off.

Classic #4: (Always from a creepy guy) “I bet you’re easy to pick up.”
*I bet I’d “accidentally” kick you in the balls if you tried.

Classic #5: “You should gain weight.”
*You should stop talking to me.

Classic #6: (While eating something sugary or fatty) “I’m going to gain ten pounds after eating this! You have nothing to worry about!”

Classic #7: “I wish I was skinny like you.”
*Okay. And I should feel bad because…?

The Winners: These are the lines that shocked me when I didn’t think anything could shock me anymore. And the winners are…

“I bet she hasn’t even gotten her period yet.”
*There are no words.


“If you were to get pregnant, where are you gonna put it?”
*I can’t even. I mean, I just…I can’t.

In our society, the media is fighting against women being who they want. Not only are women supposed to be skinny– never mind–now be curvy, and be perfectly fit at the same time, but they are also expected to smile, work full time jobs, be married at a reasonable age, and have babies. That’s exhausting! I broke a sweat just re-reading that sentence.

Society wants women to attack other women. For women to put each other in their places. Women attack each other not only for being skinny, but for everything else they’re doing wrong as well. For the new year, I think women should strive to be friends, not enemies.

So ladies, here is the lesson I want you to take from my snarky little rant: If you see a skinny girl walking down the street, smile and keep walking. If you see a curvy girl walking down the street, smile and keep walking. Every woman is fighting a battle to accept her body.

What every woman needs is a smile, not an attack. Her body is none of your business, just like your body is none of hers. Keep your mind focused on your own self acceptance, and you will find more allies on your side.

Self acceptance is a journey.

Self acceptance is a journey.





22 thoughts on “Sunday Snark: Shaming Skinny Girls Gets Us Nowhere

    • Thank you very much! Sophia Bush rocks. I remember when I read her statement about how she was boycotting Urban Outfitters because of their “Eat Less” shirt, I thought she was the coolest person ever.

  1. Ha! “If you get pregnant, where are you going to put it?”

    I dunno – in my uterus like everyone else I suppose. But maybe just for fun I’ll keep it in my lung, or my liver, or my left thigh.

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