Stupid People Online Have Ruined the Comments Section


I am officially refusing to scroll to the comments section of YouTube and any news website. My reasoning:

  1. With a world population of 7 billion (and counting), this increases the probability of stupid people on the internet.
  2. Our technology advancements allow billions of stupid people internet access.
  3. Some of these stupid people have laptops of their own.
  4. These stupid people may also have ample amounts of time.
  5. Stupid people are stupid for a reason; they may not have been taught “respect.”
  6. The simplicity of “type” and “post” is so simple that a stupid person can do it.
  7. Stupid people shouldn’t be posting most of the stuff they type.

Usually these stupid people take the form of internet trolls, lurking behind screens, causing havoc in the internet world. Their usual hiding place seems to be…the comments section of any popular YouTube video, news article, blog post, you name it. I do not understand the way these people work (thankfully), but they appear to have high numbers.

These internet trolls are not trying to contribute useful comments to an internet community or to an online conversation. What are their motives for typing and sending comments in the first place? One can only hypothesize. My theories include:

  1. Boredom
  2. Self esteem issues
  3. Pure ignorance
  4. IQ point deficiency

Unfortunately, because of the skyrocketing number of internet trolls, I have decided that my plan is to ignore the comments section of all websites except WordPress. I’d rather pretend the trolls don’t exist instead of reading their almost incoherent insanity. I’ll spend my time online reading articles and online caring about my own opinion. Sometimes it’s best not to feed the trolls. Maybe if people ignore them, we’ll starve them of internet attention and they’ll become extinct from the internet world like dinosaurs. One can only hope.


15 thoughts on “Stupid People Online Have Ruined the Comments Section

  1. The title of this post made me laugh…it’s exactly why I try and ignore the comments sections of the internet unless its a blog or site I frequently visit and there’s a positive community discussion. Most of these “stupid people” just troll to create drama because they have nothing else going on in their lives which is pathetic. And the rest of the “stupid people” who argue with these trolls take the bait *FACEPALM*

    I’m all about creating a discussion, but the art of debate has lost it’s touch when things switched over to the internet rather than actual face-to-face discussions. I’m hoping with you that people get smarter with their comments.

    xx Rakhi

    • I’m so glad the title of my post made you laugh! I tried to throw a little humor in there.

      I agree that the trolls just try to start drama because they have nothing better to do. I think some of them are just bored, and so causing drama online (where they can hide behind a computer screen) is their form of entertainment.

      I’m glad that the comments on my blog posts are good ones, and the conversations are intelligent ones. 🙂 Debates can be a positive form of conversation, but it seems like the internet isn’t the best place for them. Debating is much healthier face-to-face because the trolls would never say the things they write online out loud.

  2. I feel that way, too, sometimes. For me, I tend to lend my voice only to websites where you need to prove your identity. It’s the anonymity, the Internets greatest boon, that’s the cause for those trolls.

  3. Good idea to not read the comment section. I finally realized that articulate, intelligent, and respectful conversation was NOT going to happen online and no longer waste my time commenting. Great article!

  4. Unfortunately, it’s not just the ‘trolls’ that are stupid. I often find quality articles with meaningful topics at hand and when reading the comments, all I see is constant idiocy from real people using their Facebook accounts to post. The vast majority of internet posters are fundamentally incapable of critical analysis, original thought, or any form of quality opinion. Especially these days, most comments inevitably turn to american ‘politics’ and become insane rants with no relevance whatsoever to the topic at hand.

    Here is a recent example :–243076

    The comments section does not provide a single useful post on the topic out of 78 comments! Dumbing down of America? More like total destruction of any semblance of intelligence.

  5. “Stupid people” isn’t just a funny metaphor to me… it’s true! There are so many stupid people out there! And so many egotistic people out there. So together, you have internet mayhem. The egotistic will post and even make websites based on their own opinions and shamelessly recite them as facts – a major cause to the epidemic of misinformation! And the stupid people recite things they’ve heard as facts because they don’t seem to understand what CONSTITUTES as a fact. The not-so-bright ones also just post the most ignorant and even hateful nonsense and the thing is, is they POST MORE than intelligent people or remotely intelligent people who are actually saying something relevant or mildly relevant. And indeed, these IQ-deficient individuals appear to have significantly more time on their hands to do so.

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