What’s in a song to make it addictive? My Life Soundtrack

Now playing on my Spotify? On repeat? “Cool Kids” by Echosmith, a song that burst into my eardrums on the radio recently. I am open minded as far as my music taste (within reason), but sometimes, THOSE songs come into my life, grab me, and once I’ve had a listen, I’m an addict. On repeat, I do not allow my ears to hear any other song. THAT song of the moment is my soundtrack. Something intangible lingers in the song, and I must listen to it enough (maybe 500 times) in an attempt to figure it out.

These are the songs that make up my Playlist The songs that define moments, days, maybe even months in my life. Songs that meant something to me, either because of the lyrics, an addictive beat, or a memory attached. Put together, it’s my Life Soundtrack. While the songs that make up my favorites are varied, for me there is something timeless about each one. No matter how much time passes, I can travel back to each song and feel addicted again.

Below I’ve left YouTube links to my Life Soundtrack. Here we go!

1. Cool Kids, Echosmith–This song has been stuck in my head for days. It has a unique, fresh sound.

2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Florence + The Machine–Okay, I have a confession to make. Florence Welch is basically God to me. Her voice is the modern day equivalent of Grace Slick. Don’t believe me? Here, have a listen. I am dying to hear a new album from Florence, and it is on my bucket list to hear her perform live before I die.

3. Animal Instinct, The Cranberries–Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, is also one of my favorite voices in music. Her lyrics were sometimes like reading my journal entries, in the form of song, of course. If I couldn’t find a way to express my thoughts, I knew, “There’s a Cranberries song for that.”

4. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd–What is there to say about Pink Floyd? Greatness. While there are hundreds of songs to choose from that are genius, zany, or perfect, this song just sticks out for me. Don’t hate me, Floyd fans. This song has simplicity, and it’s unique for the band’s usual sound.

5. Found Out About You, Gin Blossoms–This song is dark, wonderful, and has that 90’s alternative rock sound that cannot be replicated today. Some of the Gin Blossoms’ songs have an upbeat sound, yet balance that out with somber lyrics.

6. “45,” The Gaslight Anthem–I saw The Gaslight Anthem live. They are a band to be experienced. Have a listen to the title track of their newest release, Get Hurt.

7. Heads Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs–This song was my J-A-M. Karen O is a cool rocker chick, and her song The Moon Song, off the soundtrack for the film Her, was nominated for an Oscar.

8. I Just Want To Have Something To Do, Ramones–This song is fun, just like all of the Ramones’ music. Their music is infectious and their lyrics stick like glue in my brain all day.

9. I Turned Into A Martian, Misfits–“I can’t even recall my name!” Who doesn’t love a classic Misfits song?

10. Applause, Lady Gaga–Yes, I love some Lady Gaga. I can’t help it. Come on, I know you do, too.

11. Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin–This song, along with the whole Houses of the Holy album, reminds me of spring and summertime. The sun is shining through my window, it’s 75 degrees, and life is a little brighter.


I’d like to hear what songs are on your Playlist, or just some of your favorite songs in general. What’s on your Life Soundtrack?



  1. Rebecca I truly liked this post in your Blog. I must add yours to my YouTube Channel for certain! Though my musical interest are very much in line with yours, I love the diversity you have portrayed in this post. Surly for me, music is “Poetry In Motion” (how I shared this on FB) and I too often listen to something in excess to grasp the full meaning of what is being conveyed. Thanks for sharing this with me and the world. — (Pink Floyd by the way) http://wadelancaster.com/?page_id=56

    1. Thank you so much! Pink Floyd is a great choice. I love their music as well. I agree that music is “poetry in motion.” Sometimes the lyrics explain how I feel better than I can.

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