The Day I Realized I Should Rely on Myself, Not My iPhone

*Disclaimer: I am in my 20’s and have grown up with technology, but this does not signify that I have a full understanding of technological devices in question.

I (mostly) adore my iPhone. It is convenient, cool, and has infinite apps and social media connections to offer. It is a handy, dandy gadget that I use in my daily life on the regular (and that includes keeping up with blogs on WordPress).

My iPhone had never failed me before…until a few days ago. I innocently backed up my iCloud because my phone suggested that I should (and who was I to argue?). Big mistake! After I did this, all of my contacts vanished. GONE.

I went into panic mode. “How could this happen to me?” I asked myself. I felt disappointed. This little piece of technology failed me, deceived me! “Back up your iCloud,” it said. And I went against my better judgment.

I decided to wait until the problem solved itself, and when my contacts were MIA for a couple of days, I called my phone company with my frustrations. She told me to…back up iCloud. Again.

“Should I trust her?” I wondered. “But what’s the worst that could happen?” I took her advice, and, what do you know—my contacts reappeared!

I’ll admit that my panic at the temporary loss of my contacts was dramatic, but haven’t most of us been in situations like this at some point? Today, we rely so heavily on technology, and when that technology fails us for any reason, we go into full-on panic mode (or is that just me?). My iPhone makes my life easier for the most part, but at the same time, I may have become too attached to this little device.

After my contacts returned home, a wave of relief overcame me, and I could breathe easy. But I have learned my lesson, and know to trust my judgment. If my phone ever suggests that I backup iCloud, I will say, “NEVER AGAIN!” Be careful, fellow iPhone users. From now on, I will rely on my instincts and research what my phone is suggesting I do. Sure, the iPhone is awesome, but it’s also a tricky little devil.



4 thoughts on “The Day I Realized I Should Rely on Myself, Not My iPhone

  1. My iphone randomly deleted all my contacts about a month ago. Only I hadn’t done anything. I was out and about running errands and had all my contacts, sending texts, calls, etc. Then when I got home I got a text from my sister, but it only showed her number. I was panicking!! But then just as randomly as they disappeared, they all came back a few days later. I still haven’t figured out why or how that happened. I do have all of my important numbers written in a day planner (which I didn’t even remember about until after my contacts all came back.)

    • That’s good your contacts came back! I have my important numbers written down, too, just in case! I’ve heard of a lot of iPhone users having this problem with contacts being deleted.

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