I Don’t Write For You…Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Source: nofilmschool.com

Source: nofilmschool.com

I’m not writing this for you, reader. This, and almost everything I write, is for myself.

I entered the blogging world to find a new way to improve my writing while reading other people’s ideas. Maybe I had a teensy hope that other people would read my blog, occasionally leaving a comment saying, “Hey, you’re awesome!” While that’s all well and good, for my whole life, I’ve never been writing for anyone but myself.

Does that make me selfish? You might think so. But honestly, reader, are you writing for other people (besides for work)? Most likely not. Sure, it gives me confidence when I receive positive feedback, but that’s not why I started writing, and it’s not why I continue, either. And the same goes for you.

Think about it: You’re in your favorite writing place (your desk, a coffee shop, or your porch) and the creative energy is flowing through your brain so fast your fingers can’t keep up. In those moments, which for me as a writer can feel like Nirvana, who am I writing for? Me, myself, and I. It’s my therapy, and I’m not thinking about anyone else (unless of course someone is the subject of my creativity).

When I began writing, it was an effective way to channel my creative energy. I wrote about everything, and learned from my mistakes. I never thought about anyone else while I was writing. All I knew was it brought me clarity and awareness of the world. I felt my mind expanding and my ideas deepening. Writing gave me personal growth.

When I write opinionated pieces, of course not everyone will agree. But that shouldn’t matter to me. I write for myself, not for you. And reader, you aren’t writing for me, either. You write for you. We shouldn’t have to feel selfish about that. Writing is a deeply solitary process, and in that solitude, we become more aware of our world. We better understand ourselves, and that allows us to have fulfilling lives.

In life, caring about ourselves should never be selfish. While caring for yourselves and disregarding the needs of others is indeed selfish, making yourself happy is not. Write for yourself unapologetically. You write for you, and I’ll write for me. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll leave comments on each other’s posts saying, “Hey, you’re awesome!”


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Write For You…Sorry I’m Not Sorry

  1. Writing is a very personal experience. It’s a great way to communicate your inner self, whether you’re writing fiction and giving life to the lives you see in your mind or writing non-fiction and sharing your passions with others. You’re awesome!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Not too long ago, I actually switched to a new blog because I felt I was being caged by numbers, that I was chasing the “likes” rather than truly expressing and exploring myself. I dropped from almost a thousand followers to under fifty, but the trade-off is that I have less trouble remembering why I write when I’m not distracted by the multitude (most of whom, I’m pretty sure, never read what I wrote anyway).

    Writing that is not self-oriented is writing that is, by definition, inauthentic (or, at least, not as authentic as it could be). I’m always preaching to a choir of one; if anyone else hears it, that’s a bonus, sure, but I don’t know that it can mean much to anyone else if it doesn’t resonate, originally, with me.

    Keep it up!

    • I like what you said about “preaching to a choir of one.” That is a great way to describe the authentic writing process. It doesn’t matter how many followers we have; what matters is that we’re writing for ourselves. Glad you enjoyed my post!

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