Maybe People Are Stars


According to Universe Today, when some stars die, they “will condense into a black hole.” And when we look up at the night sky, we may be gazing at dead stars because sometimes they appear to shine after they die. Keeping that theory in mind, I connect it to humans here on Earth. Maybe some people are like dead stars. People who have died inside, living in a black hole. We look and they appear to be shining, but it’s only a facade.

As we travel through our galaxy, we have many relationships that fade away over the years. At first our friendships are brilliant and glimmering, but over time they become distant. Or, we may distance ourselves because a relationship isn’t healthy, but the star burns bright, refusing to fade away. Every time we star gaze, that particular star is the only one we see, despite the billions of other stars in the universe. Yet other relationships explode, dying quickly and turning to ash. Either way, these stars scorch our skin before they die.

Of all the stars in this galaxy, I gravitate towards the ones that glimmer. I’ve been burned by stars that scorched my skin, and I watched them explode and become black holes. I’ve seen stars fade, falling away from me until I can’t see the light anymore. There were the stars I could always find in the sky, no matter the weather or billions of other stars surrounding the galaxy. But over time, they faded, and I orbited towards other stars.

There are billions of stars in this universe, and some are only ghosts. They are black holes of their former selves, hollow inside but existing on the outside. I star gaze at night, watching stars explode, burn out, and die. I hold onto the stars that keep me warm and give me some of their light.


  1. I like this, very deep thinking. You know how people are being often considered to stars, especially, when they are in love. Your perspective is a revelation. Also usually the biggest stars turn to black holes when they die. Comparing to people, perhaps one can say that a person who managed to make am impact on people’s lives, who used to shine so bright and share his warmth with others, leaves a black hole in people’s hearts when he dies but his star continues to shine even he’s already gone.

  2. I like this. I can relate to being bright on the outside but a dead star inside. I tend to keep up an act when i feel like shit so that no one knows how I’m really feeling. Damn, I originally came here to make a Uranus joke!

    1. I feel like a lot of people can be like that at times. We might act like we’re happy when we’re not, or as if we’re enjoying our daily lives when we’re unhappy. Haha, nice!

  3. Death will determine that, and I’m looking forward to finding out the truth. However, I love life too much to leave so soon. It is very possible they could be a manifestation of angels looking down on planet earth as well. All of the possibilities are endless. The cosmic world is always such a fascinating subject.

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