Snow White and the Queen’s Blog (A Fairy Tale)



Once upon a time, Snow White was strolling through the WordPress World. All of a sudden, she came across a Big Bad Blog, run by an Evil Queen. The Queen screamed throughout her Blog that her ideas were best, even though they were evil ones.  She was the Queen of her Blog, the most opinionated in the WordPress World.



Buried deep in the hundreds of comments, Snow White spoke, saying that the Evil Queen’s blog posts were offensive. But the Queen sent her Huntsman out to kill Snow White’s comments, bashing her with vile words of hate.

Though the Huntsman ventured into the dark forest of commentors, he could not kill Snow White. She ran further into the comments, meekly fighting back against his spiteful words. As she ran further, he retreated back to the Evil Queen’s Blog.

“Did you kill Snow White?” she whispered, her eyes narrowing to slits.

“Yes, my Queen. Snow White is dead,” answered the Huntsman nervously. He hoped the Queen would turn her computer off and miss the comments Snow White may write to prove she lives.

The Queen slept soundly that night, her laptop also on Sleep Mode, until she had a horrific dream. She dreamt of her Blog being discovered and taken over by people with higher IQ’s and more open minds than she. They ran her Blog to the ground with proof that her evil blog posts were wrong and hateful, and she was banished from WordPress World. Forever.

She woke in a sweat, waking up her computer to read the recent comments on her Blog. The latest comment was from Snow White. It said, “Evil Queen, you must stop these hurtful words.”

“Snow White is ALIVE?” shrieked the Queen. “I must kill her myself!”

The Queen put her long, red-polished fingernails to the keyboard, and began to type: “Snow White, read THIS, and see why I am right and you are wrong.”



Her plan was simple: Snow White would click the link she provided (an article with evil propoganda), and once Snow White read it, her brain would die, being replaced with the brain of a converted Follower. Snow White would appear to other readers to have simply “changed her mind.” The Evil Queen would thereafter be the most opinionated in the WordPress World.

Deep in slumber, Snow White’s cell phone beeped.

“A notification from the Queen!” she gasped, and ran back into the dark forest of comments. Snow White wondered if she should click on the link the Snow Queen had given her. But her curiosity devoured her, and she clicked on the link. It led her to an article. It was so evil, she shielded her eyes. But it was too late. Snow White closed her computer and was silent, disappearing from the WordPress World.

In the Evil Queen’s Blog, she waited. She refreshed the page, scrolling to the bottom of the comments. Nothing from Snow White, to her dismay. While she felt relieved that Snow White was no longer proving her opinions wrong, she was not agreeing with her, either. She didn’t know which was worse. The Queen’s follower count was growing, but she needed more.

“Snow White as a Follower? That’s just what I need!” she cackled to herself. But her tiny heart fluttered nervously. She ignored it and clicked “Refresh” once more.

Snow White was waiting in front of her computer, too. Though the Queen’s plan had backfired and Snow White was not dead, she did not feel brave anymore. She refreshed her WordPress page, hoping someone would speak up on her behalf. Days passed by, and every day, only Followers of the Queen commented their spiteful words.

One sunny day, Snow White’s cell phone beeped. She jumped out of bed, nervously peering at the notification.

Snow White’s heart, which had pumped slow for days, began pounding. “A Prince commented on my behalf!” she screamed, jumping on her computer to read his comment.

The Prince was educated, opinionated, and came to Snow White’s rescue. Snow White typed hastily on her keyboard, and clicked “Comment.” At every notification from the Prince, Snow White grew more brave. Together, they made their strongest effort to overthrow the Evil Queen’s Blog.

In the Queen’s room, she woke, hoping that she had gained more Followers (one in particular) while she slept. When she entered her Blog, her eyes widened in delight.

“Snow White has commented! My plan worked!” she laughed. But when she wandered through the comments, she realized that Snow White had not been converted to a Follower: She was fighting back. And had help from the Prince.

“Curse Snow White! She cannot tear down my Blog!” But comment after comment that the Queen made was struck down by Snow White, the Prince, and many others who wanted to destroy the Queen. Her reign was overthrown, and she was forced to delete her blog. The Queen was banished forever from WordPress World.

And, naturally, Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after.



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