Life Lesson from Sex and the City



As I’ve admitted maybe once before, I’ll say it again: I love Sex and the City. In my opinion, it’s witty, bold, and funny. One of the reasons I’m obsessed with it is because I believe that the characters often speak about things that matter, and things that people can relate to. For example, one of my favorite quotes from the episode Catch-38  is: “How do we seperate what we could do from what we should do?”

As we go through our lives, there are many things we think we should do: Go to college, get married, have kids. But when you think about it, are these things we want to do, or things we feel we should do? I think it depends on the person. Some people want all of those things, but not everyone does.

This quote shows that there are many things in life we think we “should” do, but we don’t necessarily have to do all of them. We can be free to live the lives we truly want. What’s the fun in trying to please everyone else when you’re not happy? Go after what your instincts tell you.


10 thoughts on “Life Lesson from Sex and the City

  1. A few years back I got into sex and the city for a minute, I think I watched the first three seasons….. I felt like it got a bit repetitive after awhile and lost interest, but for the first few seasons I really enjoyed it…. and being a straight guy I often thought I might be one of the few who were watching 😉

    At any rate I agree; there is a lot of pressure on people to live their life a certain way; but each of us simply need to figure out what it is we want to do……..

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