Donald Trump: He’s Got His Mind on His Money and His Money on His Mind


Donald Trump has always appeared to be an asshole. The 2011 documentary, You’ve Been Trumped, directed by Anthony Baxter, proves it. Basically, he is the definition of selfish, egotistical, and a douchebag. I guess when you have hair like that, what’s a poor guy to do but plot to take over the world?

To sum up the film, Trump decides that he wants to build a golf course resort on historical and beautiful wilderness in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to the outrage of the families living there. He buys the land and wants these families out. Trump offensively says that the land is “terribly maintained,” “slum-like,” “disgusting,” and says that one of the residents “lives like a pig.” Those are perfect reasons to buy the land, destroy its environment, and build a golf course resort, right? Apparently for Trump, he will do anything to make money.

Throughout the film, Trump’s crew invades the Scottish land and destroys the natural environment, leaving the residents without water because of the construction. Trump even has the audacity to throw a hissy fit because one of the houses is now on “his” land. He claims the golf course will bring in tons of jobs for Scotland, when it’s obvious that he’s bringing in Americans for this project. Basically, Mr. Donald Trump is a big fat liar.


Poor Anthony Baxter is arrested during the film for, essentially, attempting to show the world the truth. All he’s doing is taking video of humankind destroying nature, and the cops have their panties in a twist about it. Trump is loud and obnoxious, bragging about how fabulous his golf course will be, but then he’s camera shy when someone wants to film the project’s construction? Hm, something isn’t adding up, Mr. Donald.


During the film, all I could think about was Christopher Columbus invading America, proclaiming, “This is MY land, MINE, MINE, MINE!” Or possibly even a couple two-year-olds fighting over a Tonka truck. Trump stomps his feet and whines, “MINE, MINE MINE!” throughout the whole film. He’s a gigantic (and hideous) baby with terrible hair, but the residents of Aberdeenshire protest against this selfish man in hopes of taking back what is rightfully theirs. At the end of the film, the protestors get together, and during the festivities, they sing a new version of “This Land is Your Land,” changing the lyrics to “This land was made for me, not you!”

In the end, Trump decides to take his golf course elsewhere, to Ireland (those poor souls). He fought in court against wind mills being built near his precious golf course because he said it would spoil the view. So, to sum it up, Mr. Trump invades Scotland, destroys environmental wilderness, and then retreats. Clearly, Donald Trump only has two things on his mind: Donald Trump, and money. Yet in this world, this man isn’t the only one who has this mentality. If you think about every big corporation, there is a man (or woman) exactly like Donald Trump, caring about themselves and making millions of dollars. As long as we become aware of their sneaky ways, hopefully more people will refuse to work with them and we can preserve the environment.

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