Taking My Own Advice

Source: Me
Source: Me

With our friends, especially girls, we’re constantly giving one another advice. “You should do this.” “If I were you, I’d do this.” For many of us, giving advice comes easily. Sometimes we give out advice when our friends don’t even want it. We’re ready to help our friends make the right decisions, and hoping we help them avoid making the wrong ones.

I can’t speak for others, but for myself, I have realized that while I can give my friends advice without thinking, I don’t always take my own advice. Does this mean I don’t agree with the advice I give my friends? I don’t think that’s the case. I believe that I don’t take my own advice because I want my friends to be happy, and it’s easier to see what would make them happy. While I’m in a situation, it can be like living in a fog: I know I’m unhappy, but cannot see what would help me through the fog.

It’s frustrating when friends give unwanted advice, but they can see your unhappiness and may know what the solution is more easily than you can while you’re emotionally invested in a situation. Sure, you may feel like they don’t understand how you’re feeling, but sometimes third parties can see the solution better than the parties involved.

My advice is often to “do what makes you happy.” When I’m unhappy, do I take this advice? Not all the time. It’s something easier said than done. It sounds simple on the surface, but when you’re wrapped up in a situation, you may not know right aways what will make you happy. It can take some soul searching to discover what solution would make your life better.

I know that giving advice is easier than taking it, but I feel like I want to strive to take the advice I give to other people. I want to make myself happy in the way that I want others around me to be happy, too. I think it’s time IΒ start taking my own advice. πŸ™‚



  1. When I read this about “Taking my own advice”, it reminded me of a situation I usually find myself in as well. It is so true that it’s lots easier to give advice than taking it, especially when it comes to heeding it of your own. For many years I’ve talked to people and friends, gave them advice in and about certain things, but never managed to heed that advice for myself. Now that I have finally managed to get around with it, I see the benefits of the advice I once gave others around me – Usually it is funny when they give me advice and it ends up sounding exactly like what I once told them. Doesn’t this strike you as a positive thing in a way? Of course it does, because you’ve finally come to notice that your advice has been taken into account and now is returned the way you’ve once given it – It makes you realize that some people honestly listen to your advice and adopt it in order to help others or return you the favor. It literally means your advice has helped them in at least one way! ^_^ Good to read your things Rebecca, keep up the writing ^_^

    1. Great comment! I agree that it’s a wonderful and positive thing when your friends give you the advice you once gave them. It means that your words meant something to them, and that your advice helped. For me, advice friends have given me sticks with me all the time.

      Thank you so much for the comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed my blog post! πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah indeed so true! Still I must say it’s funny to realize how hard it is to take advice from someone even though it was original you who gave them that advice in the first place.

        You’re welcome by the way, my pleasure as a fellow writer ^_^ If you’re into story-like fantasy poetry, check out my blog and tell me what you think about the writing because there’s always room for improvement ^_^

      2. I agree that’s it can be extremely difficult to take advice, even though you gave that advice to someone once. It can take time before we realize how helpful the advice is.

        I will make sure to check out your blog! Yes, it’s always great to get feedback from other writers. πŸ™‚

      1. I should say thank you to you, Becky! Not many people are following my blog. And with a writer like you supporting what I write…I’ll definitely be trying to write more :).

      2. You’re welcome! Don’t worry, as you keep blogging, you’ll get more followers. It takes time to let your blog evolve. I think mine is still evolving, and it’s a fun journey!

        I’m glad you’ll be writing more. I look forward to reading your future posts! πŸ™‚

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