How To Stop Hating Yourself In The Morning

This is one of my new favorite bloggers! She’s hilarious, clever, and her advice is perfect. Check out Wander Onwards and her advice about how to have more self confidence.

Wander Onwards

“God, I look like shit.”

This is what I use to wake up thinking-every day-before I begin to poke and prod myself in the mirror. This is too fat. This is too skinny. My face is too blotchy. My hair is too boring.  My eyes aren’t white enough. My skin isn’t tan enough.

“You look like a recovering meth addict.”

Then I’d start my day, loathing every part of my body, and head out into a world that continues to reinforce the idea that my happiness should be dependent on my appearance.

But now, it’s different. I am constantly so terrified of being deported or hit by a  moving vehicle, that anything other than the last two items listed, seems simply serene.  If it’s not endangering my Visa, I literally could not give less of a fuck.

Despite my awakening, most people continue to assail themselves with nasty comments before…

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