Winter Blues…and How to Deal


With temperatures still below zero where I live, fighting those winter blues can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Writing is my therapy, hot tea is my medicine, and sleep can be an escape. But this year, since one of my resolutions is to work out more, I have decided to use yoga as not only a way to stay fit, but also an activity to fight my winter blues.

The workout helps me physically, but the meditation helps my mentality. During the winter, with the lack of sunlight, it can be difficult for me to have a positive outlook. But doing yoga almost every day has helped me learn how to think positively. Throughout my day, I have realized that if I go with the flow and just forget the negativity, life becomes so much easier.

If you live somewhere with harsh, cold winters, how do you cope with the winter blues?


  1. I’m reading this as I sweat balls in a cafe. Australia – America’s inverse. I miss the cold. The sun’s a wanker. But to enjoy the cold, my suggestion is: a glass of hot water, a drop (or seven) of whiskey, a dollop of honey, and a lemon wedge. Otherwise known as a hot totty.

  2. I’m trying to do the same thing! I’ve got plenty of downtime before I leave home again, and till then, with this icy cold weather: yoga, yoga, yoga. Good luck!

  3. You know what’s crazy? We live in Los Angeles, but despite the warmer temps, the longer hours of darkness STILL cause the Winter Blues to kick in every year! I’ve been stumbling through with yoga (which IS helping!) and something called “creative visualization” (I got an eBook) — and I was just researching lamps for “light therapy” — apparently that’s a thing! Good luck with everything and let us know how it turns out! 🙂 –Angela

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