Sick and Cold…


By January I’m usually ready for spring (I know, I’m getting ahead of myself by a few months). The holidays have passed, and for me, the snow has overstayed its welcome. I can only deal with the cold temperatures for so long. But where I live, about half the year is winter.

Right now, a lot of the country is experiencing some of the coldest winter weather in years. That includes the state I live in (unfortunately). While it’s nice to stay inside and avoid the cold, I have a cold. The sneezing, aches, pains, and overall haziness. As a writer, feeling hazy doesn’t help me. I’m in a fog all day long, trying to feel better before the weather improves.

Wish me luck while I fight this cold and survive the below zero temperatures! ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Get well soon Rebecca. The first illness of the New Year is always the worst. Hang in there and you will be 100% again before you know it. Be well and keep inspiring

    John (JMC)

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