Guess Who’s Back!

Hello fellow bloggers and followers! It’s 2014 and here I am, writing my first post in what feels like ages. I’ve been absent from the blogging world for far too long, but I knew I’d be back someday. I think everyone goes through times in their lives where they become distracted from what they normally enjoy doing because of many daily tasks. But in light of the new year, I am back to write about what I want to improve for myself this year.

1. In 2014 I need to blog more. Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for my passion for writing. I have been able to connect with other writers and bloggers, and through blogging I have been able to discover many cool blogs from people all over the world. I hope to continue to blog and refine what I blog about.

2. I need to workout more. So far I’ve been working out every day. Yoga has become therapeutic for me. After a stressful day, yoga is not only a great workout, but it clears my mind. I also find that Zumba and other dance workouts work for me. They’re fun, and they work your body out!

3. I need to develop a more positive outlook. When things are going great in my life, of course it’s easy to feel happy and positive. But during those times when stress wears me down, it can be difficult not to complain and let the stress overcome my brain. Working out has been a great way to concentrate my thoughts elsewhere, and it has so far improved my stress levels and made me feel more positive. Also, surrounding myself with positive people will improve my mentality.

I’m not normally the Ms. Resolution Girl, but this year I have seen there are a few things I want to improve in my life. While I believe fate can play a role in life, a lot of circumstances in life are within my control. If I want to change things, I can make that change happen.

Fellow bloggers and followers (or newcomers to my blog!): Do you have any resolutions? What do you hope to do in 2014?


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