What Music Inspires You to Write?

I love Lana Del Rey, especially the song “Born to Die.” Her music’s vibe is perfect for when I need creative thoughts. Readers and bloggers, what music do you like to jam out to when you’re writing? Is there a particular artist who fits your writing vibe? Comment, because I could always use music suggestions. πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “What Music Inspires You to Write?

  1. I have a wide variety based on the mood I want to write in. Also it is a great tool for character development, I’ve always said that the music you listen to really reflects who you are as a person. Create a playlist for your characters, their music speaks volumes and their personalities will really com,e through.

  2. Awesome song! I generally listen to progressive-instrumental-rock types of music while writing. This Will Destroy You, pg.lost, ef, Joy Wants Eternity, Explosions in the Sky, etc.

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  5. When I am venturing into creative endeavors, I watch one of abb3rz07’s videos on YouTube. She has a series called “Bands You Should Listen to.” She is a concert photographer and what I’d call an expert of the Seattle music scene. Every time I watch one of her music related videos, I always walk away with some songs or bands I need to indulge in, such as POP ETC and We Are Scientists.

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