My Favorite Place in the World (So Far)

Santorini architecture
Santorini architecture

I have not traveled nearly enough to decide indefinitely where my favorite place in the world is, but I am fortunate enough to have traveled somewhere foreign and discovered my favorite place for the time being…until I discover a new country. My favorite place in the world (so far) is Greece. It is a sunny, beautiful place with cities that are all so different from one another, the food is the best you may ever have, the people seem happy, and there are endless things to do and see. It has a culture rich with history that dates back thousands of years before the founding of my home country, and the weather is perfection if you love warmth and sunshine. For the sake of not rambling on into eternity, I will list my three favorite things about Greece, and why, if you had the opportunity to travel there, you should.

Spaghetti with feta cheese--Santorini
Spaghetti with feta cheese–Santorini

1. Food. We all love food. As a vegetarian, I was happiest in Greece. Their pasta is to die for and feta cheese is topped on everything from pasta to french fries. The Greek diet is rich with fresh fruit and vegetables, and not only is their food amazing, but coffee lovers will feel like they have died and gone to Coffee Heaven. Greece is a place where you can easily have three coffees before noon and not think twice. Be careful though: their coffee is strong, and if you’re about to be stuck on a boat for three hours, I’d limit your caffeine intake.

Near the Parthenon--Athens
Near the Parthenon–Athens

2. Scenery. If you’re a fan of sunshine all day, lush green trees, historic architecture, and the greenest, brightest sea water you’ve ever seen, then Greece is the place for you. The whole country is a photographer’s Nirvana; there are endless things to photograph, whether you’re simply a tourist or a professional photographer. The country is simply majestic.

Palace of Knossos--Crete
Palace of Knossos–Crete

3. History. The history of Greece dates back thousands of years, and the Greeks were some of the first storytellers. You’ll find museums with sculptures, paintings, and learn about the Greek theater. Anyone interested in the history of theater must go to Greece, because these guys were the first actors in history. If it weren’t for the Greeks, we wouldn’t have had Shakespeare, or Breaking Bad!

While the food, scenery, and history were my three favorite things about Greece, there are endless amazing things to experience. The country is diverse and the culture is unique and rich. The people are warm and happy. If you ever have the chance to travel to Greece, you will have the trip of a lifetime.


      1. I’ve been lucky enough to see most of Europe. I have the travel bug so bad, I try to do a trip every year.

      2. That’s so cool! I have many places I’d love to visit, mostly in Europe. I think I’ll end up being the same way where I’ll be traveling a lot (hopefully).

    1. I’m the same way–I need to go everywhere! I’ve been to one country on my Must-See list so far. Greece was amazing, but now I have many other places to see! Scotland sounds beautiful. That’s definitely somewhere I’d love to go.

  1. Looks beautiful! I’ve made it quite a few places but I’m saving Greece/Spain/Italy for when some swarthy fellow feels like taking me 😉 At this point my favorite place is probably… Luang Prabang, Laos or Antigua, Guatemala. For very similar reasons to yours haha.

    1. Oh cool!! Yes I would love to go to Spain and Italy also, and that’s a good plan to wait till you have a travel buddy. 🙂 There are so many awesome places out in the world I have to experience!

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