Movie Review: This Is the End



This Is the End, starring James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jonah Hill, is a comedy with today’s funnymen playing themselves, struggling to survive the apocalypse at James Franco’s house. The movie is absurd, outrageous, and vulgar–and it works brilliantly (as long as you’re not easily offended).

The movie, directed by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, is reminiscent of Monty Python humor, but Rogan added drug use and sexual references that we all can expect from these comedians. The comedic timing is perfection, and the chemistry among the actors is apparent. This film is full of famous faces who all stand out on their own.

This Is the End references other movies, including Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist, but the actors put a spin on these horror classics, creating hilarious situations that keep the movie fresh and unpredictable. With comedy it’s difficult to create something different, but this film offers a new take on horror, the end of the world, and the All-Star-Cast-Movie. These comedians’ performances are some of the funniest of their careers. The comedic elements mixed together has created one of the most brilliant (and outrageous) comedies of the year.


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