Movie Review: After Earth



This film is where Will Smith’s acting career went to die, and it took his son, Jaden Smith, with him. Another casualty was the director, M. Night Shyamalan. The screenplay, storyline, and acting have made history as some of the worst I have ever seen. I’ve been disappointed in movies before, but everything about After Earth was atrocious.

After Earth’s plot involves Will and Jaden Smith’s characters taking a journey to Earth a thousand years after everyone had to leave it. Their ship crashes, leaving father Smith’s leg broken and unable to move. Youngster Smith ventures onto Earth to find a way to save themselves and takes directions from his father about where to go and what to do. Basically, Will Smith is sitting around the whole movie, and his son Jaden runs around screaming in a fake accent. Ask Shyamalan why we have bad British accents in the future, not me.

Why is Will Smith sitting around for almost the entire length of this film? If anyone could have saved After Earth, it was him. But even his performance was a letdown. Apparently in the future we all talk like robots. Will’s character is said to have no fear, and this is something his son is striving for on his journey to Earth. Will wasn’t lacking fear: He was bored as hell, just like me. He didn’t care if his son saved him, and, honestly, neither did I.

After Earth was advertised as a Sci-Fi film, and one would assume this meant that it involved action. I lost interest in the plot after 20 minutes. A space ship was crashing and I was falling asleep, then suddenly waking up to laugh at Jaden trying to run and act at the same time.

If you are a fan of Will Smith, of Sci-Fi movies, or entertaining movies in general, I warn you not to watch After Earth. You will never get that wasted time back, and you will feel personally offended that Will Smith made this decision in his career.


5 thoughts on “Movie Review: After Earth

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  2. This was the worst experience I had with a Hollywood movie since Ghost Rider 2. I had just another bad experience in the form of Mortal Instruments, otherwise I mostly liked this year’s movies 🙂

      • Will Smith was the reason I decided to go for this movie despite of the negative reviews; I can’t remember a movie of him that I didn’t like till 2012, but I see there can always be exceptions 🙂

      • That was the same for me, too! I wanted to watch the movie simply because I admire him as an actor. The whole movie was poorly-filmed in my opinion. I was hoping Will Smith would be able to improve it a bit.

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