Do What Makes You Happy

We all have our hobbies, friends, and family who make us feel happy. In our daily lives, we are faced with situations that can drag us down into negativity, depression, and hopelessness. Sometimes, the situations are beyond our control, and we have to develop healthy coping mechanisms to feel happier. But in other situations, we can change the outcomes. Sometimes there are people in our lives who are the ones dragging us down, or sometimes where we are in life makes us unhappy.

Years ago a friend gave me what sounded like the simplest advice I’d ever heard, but in reality, it was the best advice I’d ever been given. When I asked him about what I should do in a certain situation that was making me unhappy, he said, “You need to do what makes you happy. If you’re not happy, change it.”

Sounds simple, right? Not quite. When we’re going through the motions, living our lives from day to day, how often do we find ourselves complaining about the people causing us grief? How often do we complain about our jobs, or our home lives, or school? Even if I’m not complaining, many people around me are.

If you’re stressed out about a situation with something you know is not out of your control, ask yourself: “Am I happy?” This may not be a simple “Yes” or “No” answer right away, because you may feel conflicted. Maybe some aspects about your situation do give you some happiness, but you have to decide if, ultimately, the situation as a whole, the good and bad, is making you happier or more depressed/stressed.

If the answer to the question “Am I Happy?” is “No,” then you have to ask yourself the next important question: “What WILL make me happy?” This is the question that will cause you the most difficulty. While you may already know the answer to your question, it’s a matter of accepting what you have to change in order to make yourself happy. Change is hard. Doing something to change your own life can feel scary. But what you have to do is realize that changing your life for the better will give you a brighter future.

After figuring out what you have to do to make yourself happy: do it. This is the part that people don’t always go through with. We see so many people who know they’re unhappy, know what they have to do to change it, but then they don’t do anything about it. They continue to complain, feel sorry for themselves, and drag themselves down even more, when the solution is staring them right in the face. Actually making a change is the hardest part because we are afraid of the unknown. But sometimes, we have to face our fears, knowing that being happy is most important.


  1. I think the biggest fear for most people is that of failure and to fail at accomplishing what needs to be done in order to be happy. It just seems easier to not try and accept the unhappiness of your current situation than to try and possibly fail ending up even more unhappy in a much worse situation. Its the old “I failed but not really because I never actually tried” mentality.

    1. I agree. It makes sense that people are afraid of failure. They stay in unhappy situations because that feels more successful than changing their lives and venturing into the unknown.

  2. A majority of us humans look outside for happiness while happiness is something to be found inside. That’s the reason why we should do what makes us happy. When we start to conform to everything and everybody, we end up unhappy.

    1. Well said! Many people think that things outside themselves will make them feel happier, when that usually doesn’t happen. We have to feel happy on our own, within ourselves.

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