Disconnect Movie Review (Warning: Potential Spoilers)

Source: imbd.com
Source: imbd.com

The movie Disconnect is unlike other recent movies about the dangers of the internet. This movie is not about how dangerous our world has become, thanks to technology (though that does play a part in the movie); it is about trust.

Starring Jason Bateman (in the best performance of his career so far), Max Thieriot, Frank Grillo, and Jonah Bobo, Disconnect shows four seperate stories; while these stories are all different, they all have something in common. While at the surface it seems that the common factor is the internet, that is only scratching at the surface. In every story, each character builds a trust with someone else. They feel an emotional connection, and while some would say it’s naive, I would say these characters were hopeful. They hoped to find the good in someone, and put their trust in another.

Then, in every story, somehow that trust is broken. In each of the four situations, there is a devastating conflict that ensues after the character realizes that the trust has been broken. Yet the most interesting, and almost frustrating, aspect of the movie is the lack of resolution at the end. There are no happy endings in this movie. In fact, there are no endings at all. While in some movies we may be left with a hint of what happens to each character, there are no hints in this movie. We are left with endless questions, and some may find that frustrating that they have to tie up their own loose ends to make the story a happy ending.

I thought that this movie had no endings because the endings are not important. Yes, it would be comforting to see all of the characters resolve their differences, learn their lessons, and become better people. But that’s not what this movie is telling us. This movie shows that what happens in the end isn’t what matters. These characters built a trust with others, not because they were naive, but because they were hopeful. Then, the trust was broken, and every character realized that humankind can be evil, deceptive, and not as it seems.

While some want happy endings, that is not the point of Disconnect. The point is that it doesn’t matter if these characters learned their lessons, if they become better people, if they live or die. What matters is that these characters had hope, trust, and those feelings were torn apart by someone else.

Technology may assist in allowing people to be more deceptive and secretive, but this happens with or without the internet. Disconnect shows that age does not matter, gender does not matter, money or social status does not matter; anyone can have hope, anyone can trust, and anyone can take that away from us.

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