Traveling the World

As a young American, I feel as if all my life I have wanted to experience life. This sounds like a vague statement, and I agree that it is. But when we think about it, how many of us are REALLY experiencing life?

To me, there is a difference between LIVING life and EXPERIENCING life. When we’re living, we’re just…here. We go through the motions: wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, repeat. We go to school, some go to college, we get jobs, get married, have kids, and don’t even think twice about WHY. We do what we think we are supposed to, and to me, that’s not EXPERIENCING life at its fullest.

My goal in life is to EXPERIENCE life. Food, travel, music, philosophy, literature, culture. These things expand my mind and teach me new things. I want not only to live, but to live in the best way possible for me. I think part of experiencing life is realizing that it’s okay to ask “Why?” My path to happiness may be different than someone else’s.

Find your happiness and what you need to experience life. If you’re only living, you’re just here. DO something.


  1. I love this post, and absolutely love your view on life. =)

    I believe experiencing life goes hand in hand with being open to trying new things, which is why I try to live by this “carpe diem” type lifestyle, where I say yes to new opportunities, and have a practice of attempting to do at least one new thing each day (on my 😀 The worst thing I think, is to fall into a rut, because then you’re just wasting precious days away and not really experiencing them to their fullest, so, I try my best to not let myself ever fall into one. ^^

    Hope the new year 2014 offers you with countless more opportunities to experience life the way you want to, and keep broadening your horizons~ ^-^

    – rain

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you appreciated what I wrote. I agree that trying new things is important for gaining great experiences. Sometimes we’re afraid to step out of our little boxes, and we become comfortable with our daily routines, however boring they may be. To live and try new things, we have to step out of our comfort zones and out of our boxes.

      1. You’re welcome! And wow, you worded that so perfectly! ^^

        How has 2014 been going for you, in terms of gaining new experiences? =)

        All the best,
        – Rain

      2. Thank you so much! So far, my 2014 has been going well. I feel like I’m learning to have a more positive attitude, and it’s made a huge difference so far. I’m also doing good about working out more. How about you?

      3. HEY! 😀
        Sorry for the 52-day late reply lol. 😛
        That’s awesome! 🙂 I’m glad to hear about your positive attitude. And that’s so good that you’re working out! O: I should get better at keeping up with that. >..<''
        – rain

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