The Persistence of Memory



Over time, change occurs in our lives. Who we are, who our friends are, where we are. I have noticed recently that even though we have so much change in our lives as time ticks by, that doesn’t change everything. Some people from our past remain in our past because of negative memories we have of those people.

When we have friends who betray us, time does not always make us forget. The pain may go away, but the memories remain. Time does not change a loss of trust.

Also over time, good memories with good friends remain, despite the fact that we grow apart from those friends as our lives grow apart. It can be difficult adjusting to life without those good friends, but memories linger on.

Change is constant, and our memories help us to grow as individuals.



4 thoughts on “The Persistence of Memory

  1. Definitely, we should embrace change becuase it is a constant.. Early experiences of good attachment I think help people cope better when things go wrong or change later in life.. I think pop culture bends what people expect of others and what they value to make a good friend and even how we react emotionally.. Monkey see monkey do…. I think we have all had our brains twisted a little.. What do you think?

  2. I agree with you completely. When we have good experiences with good people early on in life, we learn to believe that most people are good, not the other way around. That then does make negative experiences easier to deal with.

    Pop culture does seem to have a huge impact on people today. We pay attention to it so much at times that we let it change the way we think. I think that social media can also do this, too. It really does change how we all live our lives.

  3. yes, we change ourselves, we change others, we are changed, others change us, there’s a lot of changing going on and we still strive to keep some constants, mostly the things we care about most

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