Don’t Let the Poem Write You

As writers, we sometimes run headfirst into brick walls (figuratively speaking, of course). Our hands tense up, minds go blank, and the thoughts just cannot flow from the pen to the page. We let our writer’s block get the best of us.

But what if we let this tension or lack of ideas continue? We “take a break” for too long? Those unwritten poems (or stories, blog posts, etc.) are writing us. We can’t let that happen. We are the ones with the pens in our hand (and our fingertips are on the keyboards); therefore, we are the ones in control.

Do you fellow writers have writer’s block? How do you overcome it? Any advice?


  1. The best cure for writer’s block is reading. Read more and respond to what you like and what you hate. Eventually your own writing and voice will return but just find something that pushes you to keep pen to paper or fingers to laptop/tablet/etc. Don’t be afraid to let a quote or reference push a poem. You just need a push -trigger for thought. For me, I love reading anthologies when I’m stuck so as to get lots of different voices/ideas flowing into my mind.

  2. That’s helpful advice. I agree that reading can fuel new ideas if you’re stuck. A lot of our own writing can be inspired by things we read elsewhere. Music can also be good inspiration.

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