People Who Don’t Understand “Art”

I wrote a poem dedicated to people who think artists are “strange” or that art is “weird.” I don’t know about you, but I’ve encountered a lot of those people, so I thought they needed a poem. Maybe reading it would educate them and change their mindsets. If not, at least I got a good poem out of it. Here it is, and happy Friday!



This poem I write

for those who could never understand.

For those who hate art.

Those who’ve closed their minds

and crossed their arms.


For those who think poems

are signs of depression.

I need help.


I write this as a call.


For those who wouldn’t know art

if Van Gogh came to life

and cut off their ears.


This poem is for me

because I need convincing

I’m not crazy.



  1. This is an interesting post, because I remember spending two hours defending one of my paintings. I paint in abstract concepts, and I find it amusing how people want to say it’s crap but they’re surrounded by people who are appraising it an making sense. “I don’t get it. Ha ha ha.” I smile and wish them all the best.

    1. Thank you! It’s always so funny when people say, “I don’t get it,” and don’t really make much an effort to try. My theory is that when some people don’t understand something, they just to the conclusion that the work is “crap” or “doesn’t make sense,” when it’s not necessarily the case.

      1. It’s characteristic of most things in life. People put their perspective above everything else and don’t open themselves to alternatives. I’m happy I’m not that closed minded. Warmest, SB

  2. Hmm . . . I’m ambivalent about art. Then again, I’m not big on poems either.

    Art for me seems more a matter of elitist consensus than the appreciation of “regular folks” for what they see.

    Poetry I never got; not slamming it, understand, but my brain shuts off when I see it. Not literally; I can still walk and eat and stuff.

    But poems for me are a bit like musicals; I don’t see the point of not just saying stuff all regular-like.

    1. Thanks for your…um, input? I understand that not everyone appreciates the same things, but if you don’t like poetry, or even art for that matter, then why comment on a blog post that’s a poem about art just for the sack of trashing it, hm?

      1. Not trashing it. Just commenting and giving my honest opinion. My apologies if I came across as disrespectful.

        I was perusing through the blog and a few posts caught my eye. I generally comment on blogs I read, but can appreciate not everyone likes that. Again, Sorry.

      2. That’s okay. I’m glad you’re perusing my blog. I appreciate it. I just found it kind of ironic and funny considering the poem’s content, that’s all.

      3. I found it ironic as well . . . a poem dedicated to people who don’t like art or poetry.

        A bit like taking a vegetarian out to a steak house.

        Understand, I like art, just not what the cognoscenti call art. The Mona Lisa is interesting, but I really never saw it as anything special. I prefer Ansel Adams to most paintings. For that matter, I prefer Douglas Adams to Shakespeare.

        Anyway, I’m done perusing. I came over from cloudsmovingin because of a comment roughseas made. I should have just looked around.

      4. Everyone has their preferences to the artists they like. Art, like literature, has and endless amount of styles, so there’s a lot to choose from.

        That’s okay, you’re free to peruse.

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