Happy Tuesday! I decided to post a Youtube link to THE song of the moment, “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Love it, hate it, no matter what your opinion, you have to admit the song is relatable. Here’s one of my poems that I feel connects to the song:

Brain Damage


One year

reduced to one brain aneurysm.

A question mark

to which no one can attach a period.

Only an echo of



Polaroids blotchy,

ripped in half.

A man just a memory,

his face yellowed.


Words like an old record.

Static, then skip.

“Will you…”




As I listen

I whisper, “Yes.”


With a scratch the record

plays backwards.


“I can’t…”

“I’m sorry…”


The record stops

and my player is broken.

I have faded pictures,

the words in my head,

back and forwards.


To my readers: Are there people who you used to know, but you now consider strangers? Also, any comments on my poetry or suggestions for future blog posts are welcome!


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