Something Old, Something New

Poetry is my therapy. I write when I am happy, angry, sad, and any mood in between. I may choose to write about individuals in my life, whether they have a negative or positive impact on me. For this post, I will include a poem I wrote three years ago and a more recent poem.

Outer Space


This jealousy goes back and forth

It’s passed from me to you

A sick, twisted thought

He has so many options

He’s had both you and me

But we both fucked it up it seems

Night, sun

Moon, day

You were a comet,

Hoping your turn came around again

He’s brushed me off

Yet he seems to cling to you,

You lucky star

The glowing descends from the never-ending abyss

And falls straight into your eyes, and his


Of opposite poles

You look at him and the magnets connect

Locked forevermore

And I am your shadow

I’ll let you two alone,

Shut the door behind me,

And return to my black hole.
















my name.


In my blog I will probably go back and forth between posting my poetry and other things. If there are any suggestions of topics followers would enjoy reading about, I am open to it!


6 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. I’m not exactly a poetic expert (I’ve written some, but none of it is really THAT great) but I did enjoy it, though I have to say your writing style and mine are like polar opposites. ;-p

      • Here is one of mine, to get an idea of my writing style. I wrote this shortly after I decided to get out of teaching and become a career pilot instead.

        “Sky High Dreams”

        I look to the blue skies
        Thousands of feet above
        I envision myself up there
        Flying free as a dove

        Up there in the clouds
        My heart does it soar
        All while my body
        Is stuck here on the floor

        All while I envision myself
        Dressed in a captain’s suit
        With the cool shirt and the flashy hat
        And the fancy jacket to boot

        I see all those fancy buttons
        The knobs, dials, and the yoke
        I hear the roar of jet engines
        As I open up the choke

        My imagination runs wild
        As I drive along the street
        I pretend I’m “Captain LG”
        Flying for a major airline fleet

        An airline pilot has been forever
        And always what I wanted to be
        I guess along the way I chickened out
        And covered up the true me

        Instead I wound up a teacher
        I lied and said that’s where I belong
        I tried to convince myself I was right
        But all the time I knew I was dead wrong

        Why did I choose a profession
        That I knew wasn’t right for me?
        Why did I become something
        That I just wasn’t meant to be?

        Being a teacher is great
        Of that there’s no doubt
        But I feel trapped, unhappy
        As my wings, they want to spout

        I think and I reflect
        As I stare into the sunbeams
        And I realize the time has come
        To chase my sky-high dreams

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