The Heart Versus the Mind: Who Wins?

The battle between the heart and mind is complicated. I’ve been through it a million times.

The problem is that while I let them duke it out, I sit back and watch. Frozen and indecisive. I don’t pick a side, for fear of making the wrong choice.

On one hand, the heart is the emotional, sometimes ridiculous side. It day dreams. The heart is hopeful and even unrealistic. Dramatic.

On the other hand, the mind is logical. Analytical. It’s detailed and organized. The brain is the voice of reason that causes the heart to sink in my chest.

I stand on the sidelines during the war between my mind my heart. Even though my brain is currently telling me that the heart does not “feel,” and that the brain is responsible for that as well, my emotional side just doesn’t care.

The logical side wishes I were decisive. Reasonable. But the emotional side knows that it’s not easy. If I knew which side would make me stronger in the end, that is the side I’d stand on.

A Collection of Unpublished Blog Posts

My attention span lately is roughly a half hour. I am unmotivated when my computer crashes before I can click “Save.” On occasion, I have sparks of inspiration that punch me in the chest. I run with the ideas, until my time is up. I then abandon ship, retreat, abandoning my brief attempts at clever blog posts. They sit waiting in my jump drive, unpublished and ignored.

Somehow, this post was shinier, smoother, and wittier the first time I wrote it. Technology isn’t usually on my side. And while blogging, it mostly isn’t. Time and my laptop have been my enemies as of late. If my brain is struck with an electric idea, it’s a race against the clock to creatively weave through the bits and pieces to sew together paragraphs worth publishing.

Usually I lose. My pace slows as I watch other runners breeze past me. I inhale and gasp for air, and jog away from the track. “Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish it.”

But when I return to the original ideas, the spark has already disappeared. It was short-lived inspiration, and no matter how far I reach, I could never find it again. My time is up, and I move onto the next great idea. And the cycle repeats itself.

My newest spark of brilliance may be the brightest idea yet. Why not post those unpublished blog posts? Why not give them a home? They are rough around the edges, they have not been fixed, but they deserve a place somewhere.

The following is a collection of my unpublished, unfinished blog posts, stretching back several months. Some end in the middle of a sentence, some began with good intentions, but they all had potential. Maybe I’ll finish them someday. But for now, here they are.

Unpublished Blog Post #1:

Copenhagen Zoo: The Reason I’m Losing Faith in the Human Race (almost published March 2014)

First it was the giraffe. Killing a giant, majestic, beautiful creature viciously in front of zoo-goers because the zookeepers were afraid of inbreeding. And now, when the zoo’s reputation has already been called into question, it has been reported that they killed four lions for similar reasons. Shooting giraffes and lions in the head because they claim they cannot transport the animals to other zoos? An unlikely story.

For me, I imagine a zoo to be like an orphanage. All animals come from different homes, countries, cultures, and childhoods. If they were humans, we wouldn’t be killing them because of our fears of inbreeding or space issues. We would move the people to other orphanages. “Our orphanage can’t accommodate little Billy, so we took him out back and shot him in the head.” If this is NOT humane for humans, why is it humane for us to treat animals this way? Oh, that’s right: our evolutionary gigantic heads give us the delusion that just because we are humans, we are somehow more significant and deserve respect, while animals don’t. To be humane means to treat humans respectfully, but I think this term should include animals, too.

*This post was my fury when I learned of animals at Copenhagen Zoo viciously shot in front of zoo goers in March. Apparently the zoo cited space issues, potential for inbreeding, and a lack of resources to ship the animals to other zoos as their reasons for killing the animals.

Unpublished Blog Post #2:

Like the Universe, Love is Infinite (almost published March 2014)

One of my favorite films is A Beautiful Mind. John Nash, a mathematician, uses logic and reason in all his decision-making. In a scene when John asks his girlfriend Alicia of proof that she loves him, she asks him how big the universe is. John says, “Infinite.” She asks how he knows and he says that all the data points to the universe being infinite. Alicia asks, “But it hasn’t been proven?” John says it hasn’t. She again asks, “How do you know for sure?”, to which John replies, “I don’t, I just believe it.” Alicia then responds, “It’s the same with love, I guess.” This quote speaks to me because when we find love that is strong, real, and brave, it is endless. There is no scientific proof of that love, but we continue to believe it.

*Quotes, quotes everywhere. I ran out of steam early on in this post and I started to hear myself thinking, “Hooow cheeeeesy” in my head. I stopped when I felt like I was going to hurl. This post was too mushy for my taste, and I was the one writing it.

Unpublished Blog Post #3:

Miley Cyrus: Attention Whoring Continues (almost published August 2014)

Last year, the lovely Miley Cyrus reintroduced millions of innocent people around the world to the art of twerking. She swung butt naked from a wrecking ball for a music video because, duh! Her song was called “Wrecking Ball”! Why WOULDN’T she swing naked from a wrecking ball? Pure genius! Also, professional attention whoring.

I wrote a blog post last year about Miss Miley’s antics, and I believe that, a year later, my theory is still correct. Miley Cyrus is not a little girl lost. She is not having meltdown after meltdown in front of our eyes. No matter what opinion you have about the girl, no one can argue the fact that she’s smart. Her controversial moves are calculated and played out perfectly, achieving record breaking amounts of attention (record sales, magazine sales, Twitter conversations).

This year, Miley did something different. When she won an award for Video of the Year (for her naked wrecking ball swinging), she sent a man up to the podium to accept the award on her behalf. She watched, crying as he accepted her award. It turns out that the man was Jesse Helt, who was homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. He discussed homelessness in America during his speech, which was a positive and intelligent way to raise awareness to millions of viewers. At the same time, it gave her some attention, too. Positive? Yes. Does it make her a saint? Eh, not really.

Miley also knows how to cause some controversy.

*This started out as the Miley Cyrus Attention Whore Sequel. The first post (Miley Cyrus: Professional Attention Whore?) was so much fun to write that I thought, why not revisit the situation? I didn’t quite make it to the publishing stage, but it was fun while it lasted.

Unpublished Blog Post #4:

Why Quitting Doesn’t Mean You’re a Failure (almost published October 2014)

Why are we afraid to quit a job that makes us miserable? End a relationship that’s going nowhere? Forget a one-sided friendship? I’ve been in all of these situations: frozen, stagnant, reluctant. What was I so afraid of?

I’ve always been terrified of change, of the unknown. Even though a job, relationship, or friendship isn’t working, I remain unhappy for too long. The red flags are in front of my face, waving all day long, but I sit down instead of walking away.

In life, we all want to be happy. That is a given. Yet when we are in miserable situations and know what would make us happier, (quitting, breaking up) some of us are cautious to take that step. Instead of running in the other direction, towards probable happiness, we chain ourselves to misery, in hopes that things will “get better.”

I have been guilty of this numerous times. For some reason, change is more difficult than doing nothing. My fear of the unknown eats away my chances of saying goodbye. My fear of being “alone” keeps me unhappy for longer than it should. My insecurity tells me to sit down and ignore the logic running through my head.

Three different situations stand out in my memory, and I’ll share them with you now:

1.The Frenemy: Several years ago, I had a friend who turned into a “frenemy.” Of course since we were in high school, drama was a natural part of friendship. But I’ve always avoided confrontation. In high school I was terribly shy and avoided confronting people who disrespected me. This “friend,” who I’d known for many years, became jealous and went out of her way to turn other friends in our group against me. Typical high school behavior, I know. But instead of speaking up for myself like I should have done, I stood by, allowing it to happen. I was the doormat, too nice for my own good. But the problem solved itself with college, change of location, and new friends.

2.Case of the Ex: After college, my long term boyfriend ended our relationship because of differences in values and goals. It was rough. I wanted to remain friends, but friendship is a two-way street. Friendship is impossible with silence on the other end. He cut all ties.

*Looks like I never felt motivated enough to explain the third situation that inspired this post. But I’m guessing this gave me some material for writing a post that I did publish, called How to know when it’s time for a change. At least some good came of this potential post.

Unpublished Blog Post #5:

Holidays and the single girl (almost published December 2014)

It’s that time of year again. Holiday dinners, Christmas decorating, and Black Friday shopping trips often bring about questions from relatives about your singleness. Maybe it’s the romantic snowfall, the frigid temperatures, and the need to cuddle up with hot chocolate by a fire that makes everyone want to couple up. And when everyone is coupled up, they expect you to be coupled up, too.

Even the casual Facebook scroll can depress the average single girl during the holidays (or generally the months of November through February). Every other post seems to be engagements, baby announcements, and wedding photos.

While throughout the rest of the year, there is the occasional reminder that many other 20-somethings are tying the knot or having mini-versions of themselves, those fuzzy feelings of togetherness come alive during the winter. This makes the gap between the Singles and Not Singles even bigger.

I’m not trying to knock the Not Singles. If you’ve found love and/or had kids in your early to mid 20’s and it’s your bliss, then more power to you. But us Singles can’t help feeling

*Here is one of the perfect examples of a post that stops in the middle of a sentence. Did I care enough to finish that lingering thought? Of course not! I do have to wonder about that sentence that will never be. Anyone care to finish it for me? I’ll give five dollars to th3bestidea. “But us Singles can’t help feeling…” Ready, go!

Unpublished Blog #6:

No matter what your race, you should be enraged at the cop who killed Eric Garner (almost published December 2014)

Watching the footage of Eric Garner being put in a chokehold by Staten Island police officer Daniel Pantaleo and taken to the ground like a grizzly bear by the group of cops is horrific.

Despite the entire incident being captured on camera (including the EMT showing up and not administering CPR to Garner while he was obviously unconscious on the pavement), Officer Pantaleo was not indicted by the grand jury.

This is shocking because not only did Pantaleo use a chokehold, which is prohibited by the NYPD, but the entire incident was recorded and shown to the grand jury, and the autopsy ruled Garner’s death a homicide. Yet Pantaleo walks free.

In the footage of the incident, the crime that the cops stopped Garner for was selling untaxed cigarettes. While Garner had sold “loosey” cigarettes in the past, on this particular day, he wasn’t. He broke up a fight between two young people, and was walking away when the cops stopped him.

Garner was obviously frustrated, but he wasn’t aggressive at all. He asked the cops, “Please leave me alone.” After that, all hell broke loose. One cop reached up to grab Garner’s wrists (Garner was significantly taller), while Garner pleaded, “Please don’t touch me!” as he raised his hands.

Pantaleo snuck behind Garner and put him in a chokehold. This clearly surprised Garner because he didn’t see Pantaleo, and the rest of the cops immediately assisted in taking Garner to the ground.

*This story still enrages me. At the same time, I am proud to know Americans are marching in Chicago, New York, Boston, Miami, Washington, and other cities. Racism unfortunately still exists, and police brutality does as well. Maybe the country is finally starting to wake up and listen. Americans are taking to the streets. We cannot be silent anymore. I am so proud to see that people are standing up and speaking out for justice.

Disclaimer: My computer only crashed twice in the making of this blog post. But I didn’t give up this time. Even though my computer was being an asshole (it is several years old, so I guess it has a right to be), I didn’t let that stop me. Yes, I see this as quite an accomplishment. If you take a glance back at all the posts that went unpublished, you’ll see all the times my computer won against me. But not this time.

How to know when it’s time for a change


“Do what makes you happy” is life advice that’s easier said than done. Whoever coined this phrase may never have had a miserable job, crappy relationship, or frenemy in his life.

The best advice anyone has ever given me is that if something in life makes you unhappy, change it. Usually, this may mean quitting that miserable job, breaking up with your crappy boyfriend or girlfriend, or cutting ties with a frenemy.

I’ve been guilty of staying unhappy too long. Why? My guess is that I’m afraid of change, and proactively changing situations, even unhappy ones, is daunting. The unknown is a big question mark. Instead of answering the question (Will this change make me happier?), I’ve chosen to let the red flags wave in my face. Instead of walking away, I remained stagnant, frozen at the thought of taking control of my own happiness.

While in these situations, I always knew what I had to do to be happier. The problem was taking action. It was like procrastinating on an essay. It was on my to-do list; I’d get around to it, but the task was unappealing. I’d feel better, relieved, once it was done, but I just couldn’t get started. I waited until just before the deadline.

How do you know when you’ve reached your limit? How do you know when the deadline for quitting your job, your relationship, or friendship is past due? Here’s my list:

You know you need a change…

1. When “We Are Never Getting Back Together” (or any Taylor Swift break up song) is your relationship anthem.

2. When you throw up every morning before work.

3. When your friend gossips so much that you wonder what she says about YOU.

4. When your boyfriend or girlfriend says you need a “break” (you’re in a long distance relationship).

5. When Saturday and Sunday are “recovery” days from the work week.

6. When a phone call from your friend sends you into panic mode.

7. When drugs or alcohol is your boyfriend’s number one priority.

8. When your job gives you nightmares.

9. When you’d rather stay in watching Netflix than go out with your friend…every time he wants to hang out.

10. When the happy moments of your relationship are a thing of the past.

11. When complaining about work becomes a form of therapy.

12. When drama is devouring the friendship.



This list may seem like common sense to some people, but quitting takes courage. Walking away from a relationship you devoted years to is painful. Quitting a job is dangerous if you don’t have a new one lined up. Cutting ties with a friend could leave you feeling lonely. Sometimes we stay behind the closed door because we’re afraid of what’s on the other side. But honestly, I’d rather walk through that door and find out.

Masks: We All Wear Them

This one time, I went to Greece, and saw this statue

Have you ever felt like you’re faking your way through life? I have. Our faces are masks, displaying what we hope the world will see. We can project only what we want, and hide the rest within ourselves. Our clothes are layers that cover scars accumulated over the years. Makeup paints a face completely invented, possibly fake. No one has to know.

On my blog I wear a mask, as do all bloggers. The internet is the easiest place to display tiny bits of information. We can fabricate every detail, sculpt what we maybe wish was la verdad (truth). We withhold our identities, names, souls, locations (understandably, for our own safety). We let readers in only so far, slamming the doors in their faces when they are unwelcome.

There are people in our lives (and bloggers) who are those “open books.” They travel to the depths of their pain and spill stories some may consider too personal. This could be therapeutic. Maybe it’s engrained in their personalities to wash off their makeup, peel away the layers, and lift the masks away from their faces.

Yet at times, everyone has worn a mask. Some for years, others for only specific periods of their daily lives. At work when we want to look put together. For our friends who need us to listen and forget about our own problems for a while. In front of strangers who have no business seeing us without a painted face.

Throughout the ups and downs of life, trusting and mistrusting the hundreds of faces I’ve seen, I’ve learned something: It’s all about who is worth it. I wear a mask every day, depending on who I’m around. But I keep my life to myself unless I know the person is worth lifting away the mask for.

“Isn’t that tedious?”

Maybe. But I’d rather wear a mask for people who have not yet earned my trust.

Wearing makeup is tiring; washing it off is a relief. But once a cut heals, the scar is branded on your skin forever. You can cover it, but beneath the clothing, it’s still there. I would rather wear a mask until I know it’s safe.

Does this mean that if we wear masks, we are faking it? Not necessarily. In my mind, wearing a mask means concealing particular aspects of oneself. We may fake a smile, a laugh, or even spill a white lie from our lips.

Some people may go overboard and invent a new person to show the world. But this isn’t healthy, because the lies will eat the person alive eventually.

Wearing a mask is survival. Revealing too much could allow someone to take advantage, use information against the person, or judge him or her negatively. Possible damage is irreversible. Masks are shields to hopefully prevent pain.

At the end of the day, I wash my face and look in the mirror. No smile, no gold shimmer on my eye lids, no pink lip gloss. I know one person who I can live with, without wearing a mask. I relax my shoulders, knowing I don’t need to wear a mask for myself. Some cannot say this. Some people are running their entire lives, searching for their missing identities. They hide within the depths of what they wish they could be, painting a beautiful mask that isn’t la verdad.

Not everyone who looks in the mirror understands what they see, appreciates it, or even accepts it. I have been one of those people in the past. But I’m not that person anymore. I’ve taken the mask off for myself, finally. And I’m slowly finding who else is worth it.

I feel safe enough to not wear a mask for myself.


How Do You Cope With Stress?

Anxiety. Panic sets in, and tension headaches overpower your brain. You toss and turn at night, sleeping maybe 45 minutes total. You clench your teeth throughout the day because your entire body is tense. This is your body under stress.

We’ve all been there, and for millions of reasons. The reasons don’t matter because our bodies all react in similar ways in response to stressful situations. The way we cope with anxiety is how we eliminate, or at least manage, that stress.

Everyone deals with stress in their own way. As long as you find healthy coping mechanisms that works for you, then stick with it.

I have found a few ways to manage my stress, and so far they have worked for me:


  1. Tea. Lots of it. Usually with lemon and honey.


  2. Yoga. Namaste. Meditation and breathing exercises are crucial for managing my stress.


  3. The occasional vent. Sometimes a girl just has to vent to a friend about what’s going on.


  4. A television show, movie, or standup comedy. I need something to keep my mind distracted, so watching something funny or lighthearted helps me. My favorite guilty pleasure show: Sex and the City.


  5. Writing about my stress. Once I get what’s in my head down on paper, I feel a miniscule weight of stress lifted off my tired shoulders.


  6. Walking out in the fresh air. Seriously, being outside is relaxing, especially when I’m stressed out. It calms my mind.

It’s taken me some time to find what works for me. Also, it can be tricky to deal with the stress right away. At times, anxiety can be overwhelming, and we have to remind ourselves to manage it, cope with it, and breathe.

When you’re stressed out, how do you cope?




Figuring myself out (I’m working on it)

Laughter is my workout.

For me, life is a daily learning process. I am constantly evolving as a person, and I believe that over time, I have hopefully become more self aware. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far in the time I’ve spent with myself so far:

  1. Writing will forever be my therapy
  2. I will never master the art of drinking coffee without spilling a bit on myself
  3. Or tea
  4. Or any food/beverage, for that matter
  5. Reading is my inspiration for future writing
  6. I may never understand the world, but I sure have my opinions about it

I wrote a blog post recently about how we are taught by society that we should want to find that one person to spend our lives with, but I believe that we are free to have our own life goals. That said, I have a confession to make:

My future self totally wants to find a cool person to spend my time with.

The thing is: People always say, “You should be happy alone before you can be happy with someone else.” This piece of advice totally contradicts the famous “You complete me” romantic movie theme. Which idea do you agree with? Personally, I prefer the first one.

In life, millions are searching for outward sources of happiness. The perfect job. The perfect house. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. The perfect body. The perfect outfit. Advertisements sell us the idea from birth that we need things to make us happy. Yet when we realize that our purchases don’t make us happy, what do we do? Buy more things. We grow up to be consumers, searching for happiness outside of ourselves. If we live that way, we may never be happy.


I’ve been guilty of believing that I need to look outside myself to be happy. I don’t know about your life experiences, but there is emptiness in it, and the emptiness can outweigh the possible happiness.

Say we have realized that buying things to make ourselves happy is unhealthy. What’s the next best way to make us happy? Relationships. Finding a person to “complete us” sounds romantic. It’s not. I want to be complete on my own. I’m still figuring myself out. I don’t have time to figure someone else out at the same time.


Dating someone in hopes that he or she will fulfill your deepest desires is putting a lot of pressure on someone else. Instead of finding someone to “complete you,” wouldn’t it be better to find someone who complements you? To me, that’s more attainable.

Society pressures us to crave relationships before we’ve figured ourselves out. Movies tell us that we are not happy until we’ve found someone who completes us (because apparently we’re not complete alone?). If we’re not married before a certain age (25, 30, 35, whatever age the judgmental person decides), we are pitied or scolded to “settle down.” All because we have been taught that we need to look outside ourselves for happiness in life.

Figuring myself out is a lifelong process. Part of that process is making myself happy. I can be happy doing yoga, writing poetry, blogging, reading the Hunger Games series. I am working to complete myself. It’s a journey, and I know I’ll reach my destination eventually.

I’ve also learned: The only time my makeup looks like this is when someone does it for me.

Stupid People Online Have Ruined the Comments Section


I am officially refusing to scroll to the comments section of YouTube and any news website. My reasoning:

  1. With a world population of 7 billion (and counting), this increases the probability of stupid people on the internet.
  2. Our technology advancements allow billions of stupid people internet access.
  3. Some of these stupid people have laptops of their own.
  4. These stupid people may also have ample amounts of time.
  5. Stupid people are stupid for a reason; they may not have been taught “respect.”
  6. The simplicity of “type” and “post” is so simple that a stupid person can do it.
  7. Stupid people shouldn’t be posting most of the stuff they type.

Usually these stupid people take the form of internet trolls, lurking behind screens, causing havoc in the internet world. Their usual hiding place seems to be…the comments section of any popular YouTube video, news article, blog post, you name it. I do not understand the way these people work (thankfully), but they appear to have high numbers.

These internet trolls are not trying to contribute useful comments to an internet community or to an online conversation. What are their motives for typing and sending comments in the first place? One can only hypothesize. My theories include:

  1. Boredom
  2. Self esteem issues
  3. Pure ignorance
  4. IQ point deficiency

Unfortunately, because of the skyrocketing number of internet trolls, I have decided that my plan is to ignore the comments section of all websites except WordPress. I’d rather pretend the trolls don’t exist instead of reading their almost incoherent insanity. I’ll spend my time online reading articles and online caring about my own opinion. Sometimes it’s best not to feed the trolls. Maybe if people ignore them, we’ll starve them of internet attention and they’ll become extinct from the internet world like dinosaurs. One can only hope.

Internet High Five to Jennifer Aniston: Women Making Our Own Dreams


Jennifer Aniston became my hero a couple days ago when she was interviewed by Carson Daly and she stated that she doesn’t have a checklist for her life, and she does not need to define her womanhood by marriage or procreating. The “checklist” she refers to is an idea our society invented as a list of social norms we all need to follow in order to fit in as American citizens.

America: Home of the free. We think we can do “whatever we want,” as long as we abide by the laws. Right? Wrong! Before you get your panties (or boxers) in a twist, think about this: The American Dream. The beautiful idea our founding fathers invented.

Over 200 years after our country was founded, people still blab on into eternity about this completely fabricated idea. We are taught this “dream” throughout our American education as if it were tangible (spoiler alert: it’s just a dream). And what is that dream? Originally, the dream was to have “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” But over the course of history, societal norms evolved that dream into something a little more specific. Sure, we all want to be happy citizens. Yet in order to fit in with the rest of society, we are required the same things to achieve that happiness. The Checklist:

  1. Education
  2. Marriage
  3. House
  4. Kids (A.K.A. “family”)

Over a hundred years ago, this list did not exist. Before the Industrial Revolution, we married and had children to survive. We were agricultural beings, needing many hands to tend to the fields. Women were second-class citizens and didn’t have the right to so much as own homes. Marriage and children did not used to be social norms; they were necessary for a woman’s survival (unfortunately).

Time travel through those decades, and women slowly became more equal citizens. The right to vote, own homes, have their own checking accounts. Today, some women believe that we have achieved that wonderful sense of equality. Sorry to burst your happy bubble, but it’s not true. Women still have a long road to travel in order to find it.

In the past, marriage and children was required of women and it necessary for survive, but today that’s not the case. If it’s not, why do we get married and have kids? There are a billion potential personal reasons people have. But the main reason? It’s on The Checklist. And the problem is that this list pertains mainly to women.

If we think our American society portrays men and women equally, we are lying to ourselves. What do we call a man who remains unmarried and childless? A bachelor. And we imagine that these men are mainly sexy, like George Clooney (even though he was briefly married from 1989-1993 and has remained a bachelor until just recently).


What do we call a woman who remains unmarried and childless? A spinster. Cat lady. We assume she’s barren.


Women like Jennifer Aniston are badgered for years when people ask, “When are you getting MARRIEEEEED??? Are you going to have BABBBBIEEEESSSS???” Sure, men are asked these questions sometimes, but not nearly as often as women.

If a man lives alone and never marries, his house or apartment is called a Bachelor Pad. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have never heard anyone call a single woman’s house or apartment a Bachelorette Pad. Why? Haven’t you heard? A man living alone is sexy, but a woman living alone is tragic! (I kid, I kid, but some people do happen to believe that crap).

Throughout history, the American Dream morphed into a list of requirements for all citizens (women, more specifically) to achieve by a reasonable age in order to fit into society. While The Checklist applies to both men and women, it appears in our society that for some reason, it’s more necessary for women to cross everything off their list than it is for men. Why? Probably because of American society’s sexist beliefs that men don’t necessarily need women, but women need men.

I am giving an internet high five to Jen Aniston for throwing The Checklist out the window. She is living proof that women can have whatever life they choose. Some may live by The Checklist, but it’s not a requirement. The American Dream should be whatever dream we want it to be. Better yet: Forget the American Dream altogether. Have your own dreams. Create your own list, or don’t write a list at all. We should be free to live the lives we want, not the lives we should.


Ending on a humorous note, here is a clip from the late and legendary George Carlin. He said the American Dream is called a dream because “you have to be asleep to believe it.”


Guys! I’m This Week’s Guest in a Podcast!

A few days ago, I was interviewed by the awesome bloggers Kenny and Kylie for their weekly podcast. It was so much fun, and my first time ever doing a podcast. Is it strange that I’m nervous to give it a listen because I don’t like hearing my voice? Just me? Well, okay then.

Please go listen to the podcast. Like now. This second. Comment with your thoughts, follow these fabulous bloggers if you don’t already, and check out their weekly podcasts! I’ll list the links below.

Episode 16 Podcast:



What’s in a song to make it addictive? My Life Soundtrack

Now playing on my Spotify? On repeat? “Cool Kids” by Echosmith, a song that burst into my eardrums on the radio recently. I am open minded as far as my music taste (within reason), but sometimes, THOSE songs come into my life, grab me, and once I’ve had a listen, I’m an addict. On repeat, I do not allow my ears to hear any other song. THAT song of the moment is my soundtrack. Something intangible lingers in the song, and I must listen to it enough (maybe 500 times) in an attempt to figure it out.

These are the songs that make up my Playlist The songs that define moments, days, maybe even months in my life. Songs that meant something to me, either because of the lyrics, an addictive beat, or a memory attached. Put together, it’s my Life Soundtrack. While the songs that make up my favorites are varied, for me there is something timeless about each one. No matter how much time passes, I can travel back to each song and feel addicted again.

Below I’ve left YouTube links to my Life Soundtrack. Here we go!

1. Cool Kids, Echosmith–This song has been stuck in my head for days. It has a unique, fresh sound.

2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Florence + The Machine–Okay, I have a confession to make. Florence Welch is basically God to me. Her voice is the modern day equivalent of Grace Slick. Don’t believe me? Here, have a listen. I am dying to hear a new album from Florence, and it is on my bucket list to hear her perform live before I die.

3. Animal Instinct, The Cranberries–Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries, is also one of my favorite voices in music. Her lyrics were sometimes like reading my journal entries, in the form of song, of course. If I couldn’t find a way to express my thoughts, I knew, “There’s a Cranberries song for that.”

4. Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd–What is there to say about Pink Floyd? Greatness. While there are hundreds of songs to choose from that are genius, zany, or perfect, this song just sticks out for me. Don’t hate me, Floyd fans. This song has simplicity, and it’s unique for the band’s usual sound.

5. Found Out About You, Gin Blossoms–This song is dark, wonderful, and has that 90’s alternative rock sound that cannot be replicated today. Some of the Gin Blossoms’ songs have an upbeat sound, yet balance that out with somber lyrics.

6. “45,” The Gaslight Anthem–I saw The Gaslight Anthem live. They are a band to be experienced. Have a listen to the title track of their newest release, Get Hurt.

7. Heads Will Roll, Yeah Yeah Yeahs–This song was my J-A-M. Karen O is a cool rocker chick, and her song The Moon Song, off the soundtrack for the film Her, was nominated for an Oscar.

8. I Just Want To Have Something To Do, Ramones–This song is fun, just like all of the Ramones’ music. Their music is infectious and their lyrics stick like glue in my brain all day.

9. I Turned Into A Martian, Misfits–“I can’t even recall my name!” Who doesn’t love a classic Misfits song?

10. Applause, Lady Gaga–Yes, I love some Lady Gaga. I can’t help it. Come on, I know you do, too.

11. Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin–This song, along with the whole Houses of the Holy album, reminds me of spring and summertime. The sun is shining through my window, it’s 75 degrees, and life is a little brighter.


I’d like to hear what songs are on your Playlist, or just some of your favorite songs in general. What’s on your Life Soundtrack?